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Gwyneth Paltrow and Gabrielle Union Bond Over Stepparenting 'Challenges'

Gwyneth Paltrow, Gabrielle Union Discuss Stepparenting ‘Challenges’ Us Weekly Magazine News Stylish Entertainment Royals Moms Wellness Podcasts Video Celebrity Directory News Stylish Entertainment Royals Moms Wellness Podcasts Video Celebrity Directory Photos Food Pets Bachelor Nation Woman Crush Reality TV Buzzzz-o-Meter Newsletter Signup Subscribe Give a Gift Hot Pics Subscriber Service Shop With Us Shop Special […]

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Q&A: Sleep challenges with daylight saving time

DEAR MAYO CLINIC: I always struggle with daylight saving time, both in the spring when we turn clocks ahead and in the fall when we lose an hour. Is there anything I can do to limit the effects of the time change on my mind and body? ANSWER: For much of the U.S. and many […]

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BioRescue research project exemplifies challenges posed by global pandemic

The BioRescue research project, a program aiming at saving the northern white rhinoceros from extinction, exemplifies the challenges to overcome when conducting research and conservation in an international consortium in times of a global pandemic. COVID-19 hampered communication and travels, prevented or delayed crucial procedures, caused losses in revenues, and by that may have lowered […]

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Lilly’s antibody IV infusions for coronavirus patients to present ‘unique challenges,’ top officials say

‘Disturbing’ for Cuomo to be ‘shaking confidence’ in coronavirus vaccine: Siegel Fox News Medical contributor Dr. Marc Siegel discusses combatting the coronavirus and reacts to Gov. Cuomo’s remarks on Pfizer vaccine. While Eli Lilly’s investigational monoclonal antibody drug, bamlanivimab, just received FDA emergency approval to treat mild coronavirus patients, top officials voiced concerns over its […]

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Modern medicine: Infectious diseases, timelines, and challenges

During the 19th century, economic and industrial growth continued to develop, and people made many scientific discoveries and inventions. Scientists made rapid progress in identifying and preventing illnesses and in understanding how bacteria and viruses work. However, they still had a long way to go regarding the treatment and cures of infectious diseases. Infectious diseases […]

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Autistic children need the world to acknowledge the significance of the challenges they face

Autistic children are increasingly being suspended or expelled from school, because of “behavioural problems” official figures show. Some regions in the UK have seen a 100% increase in these types of exclusions since 2011. Research carried out by myself and colleagues at Sheffield Hallam University demonstrates the devastating consequences these exclusions have for disabled children […]