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Suddenly Another

In his previous life, the 46-Year-old was healthy and active. Medication the employee of a construction company swallowed no, not even pain pills or herbal supplements. Alcohol, he drank only from time to time in the company. But then everything changes, as Doctors report to Fahad Malik from Richmond University Medical Center in New York […]

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Kill Alcohol Brain Cells?

Smarter does not make the alcohol that. Anyone who has already tried once with the highest concentration of white drunk to carry on a serious conversation. Anyone who has erstochert after the home all come with the key to the door, not lock, only the. Or anyone who woke up in the morning with the […]

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For four days the pain in the upper abdomen of a 39 to take-Year-old man steadily, so that he house in London in the emergency Department of the Royal Free sick help. He told the Doctors that he had to pass twice, apart from normal food and drink. His digestion was otherwise normal. When Sampling […]

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The USA is a developing country

The United States is a rich country, the residents earn well, you will have access to clean water and education. And yet the country, which relates to the health of its citizens remains behind its possibilities. This is reported by researchers in the Global Burden of Disease Study (GBD). 1870 experts have evaluated in the […]

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Health insurance companies pay for health Apps

Germany leads the world as the first state health Apps on the recipe. The decision is part of the law for the digital supply, adopted by the Bundestag with the votes of the Grand coalition. “Digital solutions can improve the patient’s everyday life, specifically,” said Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU). “Therefore, there is […]

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Kidney cancer study uncovers new subtypes and clues to better diagnosis and treatment

The researchers used the most advanced genomic and proteomic technologies available to tease out their proteogenomic characteristics, defined as genetic makeup (genomics), chemical modifications to DNA (epigenomics), messenger RNA located in cells that serves as template to make proteins (transcriptomics), and proteins (proteomics) and their modification by phosphate group (phosphoproteomics), a modification known to regulate […]