Pet Care

What Is a Helper Dog?

Ready to learn about one of the cutest things ever? During treatment at the Behavioral Rehabilitation Center (BRC), sometimes our fearful dogs need some extra help coming out of their shells. So, we have “helper dogs” show them the ropes. Since many of the dogs at the BRC come from situations that leave them fearful […]

Pet Care

This National Dog Day, We’re Celebrating Dogs and Their Advocates

Happy National Dog Day! As we celebrate pups everywhere, we would also like to highlight the work of the advocates who are building a more humane world for dogs. Enacting meaningful, long-term protections for dogs is just as vital as their everyday care. With this in mind, ASPCA volunteers work tirelessly alongside the ASPCA Government […]

Pet Care

How A Tiny Dog Healed A Huge Loss

Margaret with her daughters Taline and Nora, after adopting Cosette. In April 2020, Margaret J. suffered the greatest loss of her life when her husband of 21 years—and father to their two daughters, Taline, 20, and Nora, 17—died of COVID-19. “He was my Harry,” says Margaret about her husband, who emigrated to the United States […]

Health News

Dog owner, 63, dies after being LICKED by his pet

Dog owner dies after being LICKED by his pet: Healthy 63-year-old caught deadly infection from his animal’s saliva GRAPHIC IMAGE WARNING: The man developed blisters all over his body He suffered from multiple organ failure, pneumonia and gangrene in his limbs Bacteria in his dog’s saliva triggered sepsis and his health rapidly deteriorated Normally it’s […]

Health Problems

Liver-chip identifies drug toxicities in human, rat, and dog models

Among the numerous microengineered Organ-on-a-Chip (Organ Chip) models developed at the Wyss Institute, the Liver Chip is of special interest to a number of industries because the real-time analysis of complex biochemical interactions could greatly enhance the liver toxicity testing that is ubiquitous in the development of drugs, foods, and other consumer products. The Wyss […]

Pet Care

Big Love for One Big Dog: How Lance Found His Match When you see Lance now—coming in at just over 100 lb. with a big, goofy smile and tongue hanging out—you’d never suspect that he’d been anywhere other than with his current family. As Lance, his adopter Brad A., and Brad’s son Brendan all walk to their local park in Long Island City, the trio […]