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New research finds common denominator linking all cancers

All cancers fall into just two categories, according to new research from scientists at Sinai Health, in findings that could provide a new strategy for treating the most aggressive and untreatable forms of the disease. In new research out this month in Cancer Cell, scientists at the Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute (LTRI), part of Sinai Health, […]

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Study finds lifting advice doesn’t stand up for everyone

Commonly accepted advice to keep a straight back and squat while lifting in order to avoid back pain has been challenged by new Curtin University research. The research examined people who had regularly performed manual lifting through their occupation for more than five years and found those who experienced low back pain as a result […]

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Afghanistan finds deadly fungal infection in COVID patients

A deadly fungal infection known as “black fungus’ that first surfaced in Indian COVID-19 patients has been detected in Afghanistan, which is in the middle of a brutal third wave of the coronavirus, Health Minister Wahid Majroh said Saturday. Afghanistan has recorded one death from the fungus, which has been detected in two other patients, […]

Pet Care

Willow Finds a New Home Through Old Friends

Rachel first discovered world-renowned horse trainer, Monty Roberts, after purchasing an unhandled and spirited young filly named Ruby. Monty’s books and videos became an invaluable tool for instructing the family on how to work with their new equine, and Ruby blossomed under his training methods and the family’s dedication to using them. Ruby soon became […]

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Study finds psychiatric disorders persist 15 years after youth are detained

A new study shows that youth arrested as juveniles with psychiatric disorders that remain untreated, struggle with mental health and successful outcomes well beyond adolescence. Research from Northwestern Medicine shows nearly two-thirds of males and more than one-third of females with one or more existing psychiatric disorders when they entered detention, still had a disorder […]

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Study finds why some cancer drugs may be ineffective

A possible explanation for why many cancer drugs that kill tumor cells in mouse models won’t work in human trials has been found by researchers with The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth) School of Biomedical Informatics and McGovern Medical School. The research was published today in Nature Communications. In the study, […]

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Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine offers 97% protection, Israel study finds

BREAKING NEWS: Pfizer vaccine gives 97% protection for COVID-19 and is 94% effective at preventing infections from people who are not showing symptoms, Israel study finds Pfizer Inc and BioNTech SE’s coronavirus vaccine prevented 97% of symptomatic cases, hospitalizations and deaths It was also 94% effective at blocking asymptomatic cases of infection  The results were […]

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Under 55’s found lockdown most challenging, finds survey

A UK wide survey of 2252 adults, carried out five weeks into the first lockdown revealed 95% of those who took part were following lockdown restrictions. Of that 95% more than 80% reported finding it challenging. Adjusting to changes in daily routines, and mental and physical health struggles were the most common challenges faced by […]