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The ‘great joy’ to be found in the 2020 fitness trends

The annual worldwide fitness trends for 2020 survey results have been published and the findings reveal we are becoming savvier and less influenced by fads and gimmicks. The survey of more than 3000 fitness professionals and experts around the world, named wearable tech as the top trend, followed by HIIT; group training; free weights; personal […]

Health Problems

Driver found for more deadly prostate cancer

A transcription factor that aids neuron function also appears to enable a cell conversion in the prostate gland that can make an already recurrent cancer even more deadly, scientists say. BRN4 is mostly expressed in the central nervous system and inner ear, but now scientists have the first evidence it’s amplified and overexpressed in patients […]

Pet Care

Big Love for One Big Dog: How Lance Found His Match When you see Lance now—coming in at just over 100 lb. with a big, goofy smile and tongue hanging out—you’d never suspect that he’d been anywhere other than with his current family. As Lance, his adopter Brad A., and Brad’s son Brendan all walk to their local park in Long Island City, the trio […]

Health Problems

‘Spin’ found in over half of clinical trial abstracts published in top psychiatry journals

‘Spin’—exaggerating the clinical significance of a particular treatment without the statistics to back it up—is apparent in more than half of clinical trial abstracts published in top psychology and psychiatry journals, finds a review of relevant research in BMJ Evidence Based Medicine. The findings raise concerns about the potential impact this might be having on […]