Pet Care

Animal Welfare Groups Impacted by Pandemic Bolstered by ASPCA Funds

Organizations nationwide have been assisted by the our  COVID-19 Relief and Recovery Initiative, a multi-million dollar effort benefitting pets and animal welfare groups affected by the pandemic. Our response is a lifeline in emergencies like this, and thanks to our ASPCA Guardians, we can reach animals and communities who desperately need us. As part of the […]

Kids Health

Why Don't Breastfeeding Support Groups Support Quitting, Too?

The online breastfeeding community supports you through thrush, nursing strikes, mastitis, I even saw a local community band together to lend a woman a pump part at work. They have tips and tricks, suggestions for positions to try for different issues, there are constant words of encouragement. But what I never seemed to see was much discussion around wanting […]

Health Problems

AI tool uses positive peer groups to fight substance abuse

When it comes to fighting substance abuse, research suggests the company you keep can make the difference between recovery and relapse. So while group intervention programs can play an important role in preventing substance abuse, especially in at-risk populations such as homeless youth, they can also inadvertently expose participants to negative behaviors. Now, researchers from […]