Pet Care

Helping Steady Find a Home Through the ASPCA Horse Adoption Express

The ASPCA works to ensure good welfare for all equines with an intertwining set of programs designed to support horses and their owners. Through our equine adoption program, The Right Horse Initiative, we work closely with a network of equine shelters and rehoming groups around the country. Because location can be a barrier that prevents […]

Pet Care

Canoe Wants to Float on Home with You!

Will you take a chance on Canoe? Canoe’s still learning how to be a dog, and according to one of our volunteers, he “still has so much to learn but has a good heart and disposition.”  This good-natured pup shows affection after being out and about for a while, leaning into and enjoying pets. His […]

Pet Care

Chief Needs a Home!

Want to help a well deserving dog live his best life? Meet Chief! Described by his previous family as “a big teddy bear,” Chief hasn’t really been a fan of the shelter. We want nothing more than to get him into a home where he can let that teddy bear side shine, and we’re calling […]

Pet Care

Where’s Wally? In a New Home!

Cat and Justin were looking to expand their family by four paws but were having trouble finding the right canine to fit their family. After months of looking for a mellow, older companion for their five-year-old Labrador-mix, Finn, they remained optimistic and hoped that the right dog would eventually cross their path. One fateful day […]

Pet Care

Willow Finds a New Home Through Old Friends

Rachel first discovered world-renowned horse trainer, Monty Roberts, after purchasing an unhandled and spirited young filly named Ruby. Monty’s books and videos became an invaluable tool for instructing the family on how to work with their new equine, and Ruby blossomed under his training methods and the family’s dedication to using them. Ruby soon became […]

Pet Care

These Sisters Are Ready to Find a New Home Together!

Feather and Spot are shy girls who can be nervous in new places and with new people. However, since they came to our Los Angeles foster program in November 2020, their foster caregiver has worked closely with our staff to show Feather and Spot that life with humans isn’t so bad! Both Feather and Spot […]

Health News

Expert Reveals The DIY Dentist Tricks You Should Never Try At Home

It’s not news that dental work and orthodontics can be prohibitively expensive for people who aren’t fortunate enough to have comprehensive dental insurance or a flourishing bank account. For this reason, folks sometimes attempt to remedy dental issues with at-home remedies and procedures, but without the supervision and instruction of a professional, these treatments can […]

Kids Health

Michelle Obama: I 'Can't Find Anything' With 'Messy' Daughters at Home

Calling them out! Michelle Obama opened up about living with her and Barack Obama’s “messy” two daughters. Barack, Michelle, Malia and Sasha Obama’s Family Album: Photos! “They’re back [from school],” the Becoming author, 57, told Ellen DeGeneres of Malia, 22, and Sasha, 19, on Tuesday, March 16. “They’re in my closet. They’re moving our stuff […]