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More than 900 virus deaths in Spain for second day

More than 900 people died in Spain over the past 24 hours for the second day running, government figures showed on Friday, although the rate of new infections and deaths continued to slow. Spain has the world’s second-highest death toll after Italy with the virus so far claiming 10,935 lives—932 in the past day—from 117,710 […]

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Why health experts aren’t warning about coronavirus in food

Chicken with salmonella can make you sick. So can romaine lettuce with E. coli and buffets with lurking norovirus. So why aren’t health officials warning people about eating food contaminated with the new coronavirus? The answer has to do with the varying paths organisms take to make people sick. Respiratory viruses like the new coronavirus […]

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New York deaths double in 3 days, with worst to come

New York authorities rushed to bring in an army of medical volunteers Wednesday as the statewide death toll from the coronavirus doubled in three days to more than 1,900 and the wail of ambulances in the otherwise eerily quiet streets of the city became the heartbreaking soundtrack of the crisis. As hot spots flared around […]

Pet Care

ASPCA Coronavirus Relief Efforts Begin in NYC Communities

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the ASPCA launched a $5 million relief and recovery initiative to support animal welfare organizations and pet parents impacted by the coronavirus. Part of that initiative is the setup of pet food distribution centers in four cities—New York City, Los Angeles, Miami and Asheville, North Carolina—and this past weekend, we launched […]

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New artificial intelligence system can empower medical professionals in diagnosing skin diseases

Researchers in Korea have developed a deep learning-based artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm that can accurately classify cutaneous skin disorders, predict malignancy, suggest primary treatment options, and serve as an ancillary tool to enhance the diagnostic accuracy of clinicians. With the assistance of this system, the diagnostic accuracy of dermatologists as well as the general public […]

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Coping with stress in the time of coronavirus

When facing the challenges presented by the current coronavirus pandemic, feeling stress is a normal reaction. In fact, the experience of feeling stress is useful to alert us to possible danger, and this response dates to the very first humans. Back then, as now, an immediate response to an acute stressor triggers a biological response […]