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‘Not out of the woods’ in battle against Covid: WHO

The World Health Organization’s COVID-19 chief warned Tuesday “We’re not out of the woods” in the fight against the pandemic, even if many people thought it was nearly over. Maria Van Kerkhove, the technical lead for WHO’s COVID-19, said last week 3.1 million known new cases were reported to the UN health agency, and 54,000 […]

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The quality, not quantity, of cardiovascular fat can interfere with memory later in life

A worsening cardiovascular profile after menopause may contribute to the fact that women are disproportionately affected by dementia. A new study identified a link between cardiovascular fat volume and radiodensity and cognitive function, as well as racial differences in this association. Study results will be presented during The North American Menopause Society (NAMS) Annual Meeting […]

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The Toxic Job of Being a Hero

IT WAS WINTER 2015, and Diane Cotter was in the cellar, tearing through boxes. Upstairs, the inside of the tidy southern New Hampshire home she shares with her husband, Paul, is something of a shrine to firefighting—Paul’s commendations on the armoire, photos, boxes of swag and mementos accumulated from a lifetime on the rescue truck […]

Pet Care

ASPCA Assists with Rescue of Neglected Dogs in Southeast Missouri

At the request of the Caruthersville Police Department, the ASPCA is on the ground assisting with the rescue of 19 dogs and one cat from two properties in Pemiscot County, MO, approximately 90 miles north of Memphis. When investigators arrived on the properties earlier today, they discovered the dogs, primarily young Beagle-mixes, living in filthy […]

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Guinea declares end of Marburg virus outbreak: WHO

Guinea has declared the end of an outbreak of the Marburg virus, which belongs to the same family as Ebola, the World Health Organization said Thursday. Health authorities in the country confirmed West Africa’s first recorded case of Marburg on August 9, in a man whose infection was detected after he had died a week […]

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Getting to the root of tooth replantation challenges

Completely dislodging a tooth from the socket is not generally considered a reversible process. However, this injury is most common in children, whose roots may not be completely developed, meaning quick reactions could save the tooth. Researchers are continually looking to increase the chance of success in tooth replantation. Now, a team led by researchers […]