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Are Succulents Safe to Have Around Pets?

With many people spending more time at home, interest in adding some greenery to indoor spaces has only skyrocketed. And why not? Plants provide numerous benefits, from adding some visual interest, to helping with mental health and some even clean the air. For those with pets at home, having plants may be a little more […]

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How a Quick Pivot Saved a Pet’s Life

Twelve-year-old Nicole B. was walking her six-month-old pug, Sky, in her South Los Angeles neighborhood when Sky was suddenly attacked by another dog. “He came out of nowhere,” says Nicole, describing the attack that occurred last November. “I jumped and accidentally let go of Sky’s leash, and they kept fighting.” When the other dog finally […]

Health Problems

Can Pets Get COVID-19?

A novel coronavirus that was first reported in China in December 2019 quickly led to a global pandemic. Named COVID-19, the virus has had a devastating effect on economies and healthcare systems worldwide. Whilst highly contagious between humans, evidence of transmission from animals to humans is limited, although human to animal transmission is possible. The […]

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Which Supplements and Vitamins Are Dangerous for Pets?

Many of us take vitamin or dietary supplements to keep our health in check, but these same supplements that can be helpful to us, may be dangerous or even fatal to our pets. Whether this is due to the ingredient we are looking to take or the inactive ingredients in the product, it is important […]

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Homeless Pets Transported from Hurricane-Ravaged Louisiana Thrive in New Homes

Six weeks after Hurricane Laura, the ASPCA closed down its temporary shelter in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Luckily, shelters across the country generously opened their doors to take in 494 homeless dogs and cats—either unowned before the storm or surrendered afterward—so they could be made available for adoption. “Through ground and flight transport, animals from Louisiana […]

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Subaru Loves Pets, and So Do We!

This October, we’ll be celebrating Subaru Loves Pets Month! Subaru of America. Inc. and its retailers are working once again to help local animal rescues and shelters. During this time, Subaru retailers will be partnering with local animal welfare organizations to promote adoptable pets and host adoption events virtually or in person, as permitted.  In […]

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Keep Military Servicemembers and Their Pets Together

Good news for our troops: Congress is on the verge of repealing years of misguided, breed-specific bans affecting the pet dogs of military families. Currently, the Air Force, Army and Marine Corps all have varied discriminatory breed bans that prevent military families from having certain breeds of dogs—like American Pit Bull Terriers, Doberman Pinschers and […]

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Pets and Sunscreen: Don’t Get Burned by the Myths!

blog_apcc-sunscreen_080719_main.png When you are outside on a summer day, sunscreen is usually something you have on hand. We are all aware of the risks of prolonged sun exposure in people—from superficial wrinkles to dangerous skin cancer and damaging burns—and using sunscreen can help prevent all these things. While sunscreen is good for us, what about […]