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Signs you need a social media detox

Social media is making us feel more connected than ever before, particularly with those on the other side of the world, but, some worry that the more time we spend online, the less we’re likely to spend socializing IRL with actual humans. Certain studies have also drawn links between social media use and loneliness. Recent research even […]

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New study examines the accuracy of plastic surgery videos on social media

In the era of ‘Dr. Google,’ social media is a tremendous influence on patients interested in cosmetic surgery, and with more than two billion users—representing almost one-third of the internet—YouTube has emerged as an essential platform for reaching people interested in plastic surgery. However, due to a variety of factors, such as confusing terminology, inaccurate […]

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Stop Following Your Significant Other on Social Media

For the past six months that Niamh has been with her boyfriend, she’s done something others might find shocking in today’s day and age: not follow him on social media. Due to the negative impact it’s had in her past relationships, she’s actively chosen to keep social media out of this one. After having an […]

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Three or more hours on social media interrupts teenagers' sleep

Teenagers who trawl through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for three hours each day have worse sleeping patterns, scientists say Almost 12,000 teenagers reported their social media use and sleeping patters More than one in three were deemed ‘high users’, of three or more hours a day They are more than twice as likely to stay […]

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Can social connection aid heart health in African-American community?

For black adults, connecting with neighbors could do much more than create a sense of community—it also might be good for their heart. A study presented this week at the American Heart Association’s Epidemiology and Prevention/Lifestyle and Cardiometabolic Health Scientific Sessions suggests black adults who interact regularly with their neighbors have better cardiovascular health than […]

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Does social media push teens to depression? New study says no

(HealthDay)—Time spent on Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook probably isn’t driving teenagers to depression, a new study contends. In fact, Canadian researchers found the relationship worked in the opposite direction—teenage girls who were already depressed tended to spend more time on social media, to try to feel better. These findings run counter to a series of […]

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Common food additives may promote anxiety-related behavior and reduce social behavior in mice, research shows

Food additives known as dietary emulsifiers, commonly found in processed foods to improve texture and extend shelf life, may adversely affect anxiety-related and social behaviors in mice, Georgia State researchers have found. The scientists also observed sex differences in the mice’s behavioral patterns, suggesting that emulsifiers affect the brain via distinct mechanisms in males and […]

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Brain’s cerebellum found to influence addictive and social behavior

In a study published online today in the journal Science, researchers at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, part of Montefiore, prove for the first time that the brain’s cerebellum—long thought to be mainly involved in coordinating movement—helps control the brain’s reward circuitry. The surprising finding indicates that the cerebellum plays a major role in reward […]

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Gay dads and their kids still face social shaming

(HealthDay)—Two-thirds of gay fathers have felt the pain of social stigma, and they have encountered that stigma most often in religious settings, a new survey shows. “We were not surprised that stigma is still experienced by gay fathers,” said study author Dr. Ellen Perrin. “But we did not expect so much stigma to be experienced […]