Pet Care

Which Supplements and Vitamins Are Dangerous for Pets?

Many of us take vitamin or dietary supplements to keep our health in check, but these same supplements that can be helpful to us, may be dangerous or even fatal to our pets. Whether this is due to the ingredient we are looking to take or the inactive ingredients in the product, it is important […]

Pet Care

Uncovering the Facts: Myths on Vitamins and Weight Loss Supplements

untitled-2.jpg You may have recently started a new vitamin regiment, or maybe you’re interested in trying a new weight loss supplement. Either way, like with most supplements, there are dangers that could affect your furry friends. The ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center has everything you need to know about myths surrounding vitamins and weight loss […]

Health News

Why you need to talk to your doctor before you start taking supplements

Before you start shopping for or taking supplements, it’s important to know that not all supplements are created equally. This is because supplements are not as closely regulated by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) as prescription medicines and conventional foods are. “Supplements may carry harmful risks such as inaccurate dosing information and contaminated […]

Personal Health

Vitamin B 12 deficiency symptoms and causes

Vitamin B12 deficiency is all the rage, various companies prices food Supplement with the Vitamin, but which means a lack of at all for our health? What is the need of the organism to a chemical substance? Which population group is a risk of under-supply? Table of contents An Overview Vitamin B12 plays a significant […]

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Can't Remember Your Dreams? There’s A Vitamin For That

In deep sleep, dreams can be so vivid you feel as though you’re living that very moment. But as soon as you wake up, at best you might remember the plot line.  But according to a study published by the University of Adelaide, taking a Vitamin B6 supplement could help you remember the finer details of last night’s […]