Pet Care

What to Do if You Find Kittens Outside

With operations either temporarily closed or limited for animal welfare groups and services nationwide due to the COVID-19 pandemic, certain situations such as discovering kittens outside, may need to be handled differently than they normally would. Please use the following handy flow chart, inspired by our friends at Alley Cat Allies, to determine best next […]

Pet Care

5 Easy Ways You Can Get Involved at Home

We know that during the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of us are struggling. And while we may not have all the answers, we know one thing—that we’re always stronger together. Animals across the country still need friends like you and taking meaningful action for animals is easier than you may think! In fact, here are five […]

Health News

No need to steer clear of electric cars if you have a pacemaker

A study published in Technology and Health Care shows that four leading brands of e-cars do not trigger electromagnetic interference (EMI) with cardiac implantable electronic devices (CIED). CIEDs like pacemakers and defibrillators may malfunction when they are exposed to strong electromagnetic fields (EMF) generated by powerful motors. While rare events, such errors could have serious […]

Personal Health

Here's What It Means When Someone Calls You a 'Simp'

If you’ve ever complimented a woman, apparently you’re a simp. A group of young men, who are, frankly, entitled assholes, have been posting TikTok videos labeling other dudes this new(ish) term. In the video, a young man (typically) stands in frame, while a mashup of Rockstar by Post Malone and Hey Ya by Outkast plays […]