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Patient dies after dental treatment: the dentist for negligent homicide in court

Dental treatment ended a 54-year-old patient fatally. This was before his intervention in the tübingen University clinic for anaesthesia. A routine process. Actually, – but the man never woke up again from his supposed twilight sleep. The case will now be tried in front of the tübingen district court.

20. October 2016, the 54 should be preserved,-Year-old, among other things, a bridge and implants. To make the treatment for the patient as comfortable as possible, sedated him, the competent anesthesiologist, reported the “Bild”newspaper. In this mild Form of General anesthesia, the patient expired sleeping in a so-called twilight.

However, in this case, the Patient was not asleep, but died a few days later. During the treatment of the 54-Year-olds come it to complications. The Patient will have to get a little oxygen. Only hours after the procedure, it came with the man to a circulatory standstill. Resuscitation attempts failed. After nine days the man spent in the ICU, all life support machines switched off.

The Allegation: Negligent Homicide

The brain of his patients had been supplied with too little oxygen, not noticed by the anaesthetist during the procedure. The death of the patient burden on the defendant, up to today, very, said Dr. Helge woods, a lawyer of the doctor, the "Bild"-Newspaper. Against the order of punishment of nine months on probation and a monetary penalty in the amount of 10,000 Euro, the dentist had filed an appeal.

Now, the case is heard, since last Monday, in front of the tübingen district court. The dentist is accused of negligent homicide. “I want to finally finish the thing and know what has led to the death of my husband,” said the widow of the patients in the “image”-newspaper.