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Breaking: Bad News for Slaughter-Bound Birds

Chickens raised on factory farms in the United States already suffer at every stage of their lives. They live in dirty, cramped conditions; are deprived of fresh air, grass and sun; suffer from genetic abnormalities tied to their growth rates and are subjected to torturous transport and slaughter. And now, things just might get worse. […]

Health News

If pigeons were brilliant, would they flock? Study finds people flock, or behave similarly to others, despite reasoning abilities

Crowd panics, market bubbles, and other unpredictable collective behaviors would not happen if people were smart about these things and just thought through their behavior before they acted. Right? That’s the perspective in economics, and even psychology and sociology. But a UC Davis researcher looked at how people behave in simple reasoning games and found […]

Health News

Tree swallow study: Stressful events have long-term health impacts

Little is known about how brief yet acute stressors — such as war, natural disasters and terror attacks — affect those exposed to them, though human experience suggests they have long-term impacts. Two recent studies of tree swallows uncover long-term consequences of such passing but major stressful events. Both studies provide information on how major […]