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PE, death not reduced with early vena cava filter placement

(HealthDay)—Early prophylactic placement of a vena cava filter compared with no placement of a filter after major trauma does not result in a reduced incidence of symptomatic pulmonary embolism or death at 90 days, according to a study published online July 7 in the New England Journal of Medicine. The research was published to coincide […]

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Vitamin D reduces the probability of deadly cancer

Vitamin D protects against death from cancer According to a new study, the increase in Vitamin D levels through a daily nutritional Supplement seems to cause people have to die a 13 per cent reduced probability of cancer. In the current investigation, Michigan State University and Hurley Medical Center, it was found that a daily […]

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Cardiac arrest: We are witnessing our demise

This is what we experience when we have suffered a cardiac arrest Who know when we are dead, because the brain still works for a while to beat even if the heart has stopped. In any case, recent research work, on which we already reported. The debate about what happens after death, for Thousands of […]

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Stress increases the risk for cardiovascular disease

Stress is bad for our heart Stress is known to be not good for our health. Researchers found out now that Stress also increases the risk for the development of heart disease significantly. In a recent joint study by the University of Iceland and the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, it was found that Stress and […]

Kids Health

Smoking during pregnancy doubles the risk of sudden unexpected infant death, study warns

The first findings to result from a collaboration between Seattle Children’s Research Institute and Microsoft data scientists provides expecting mothers new information about how smoking before and during pregnancy contributes to the risk of an infant dying suddenly and unexpectedly before their first birthday. According to the study published in Pediatrics, any amount of smoking […]

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Costs of lifesaving drugs rising faster than inflation: Study

Prescription drug prices are rising much faster than inflation rates in the United States, and patients who need life-saving medications are suffering the consequences – sometimes fatally. Newer, safer products entering the market are one reason that costs are going up, but they’re not the only one. Drug companies are also inflating the price of […]