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Six psoriasis patients make recovery after starting homeopathy

Remarkable transformation of six psoriasis patients who doctors say have been treated with homeopathy – including one who took a remedy derived from the discharge of a man with gonorrhoea The patients took potions that included snake venom and decomposed beef Doctors in India claimed the patients saw results in as few as three months […]

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Guys, Here's How to Make Sure You Get That Second Date

Dating is hard. All those apps are supposed to make things easier, but ultimately we’re all still just winging it and hoping for the best. And once you meet someone who’s interested, you still have that all-important first date to get through. In a thread on Reddit, women have started sharing the things that men […]

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Sunscreen: is it safe to make your own?

Using natural and organic products for skincare is increasingly popular—and that includes sunscreen. Many websites, including Pinterest and Instagram, feature users’ recipes for homemade sunscreens. Judging from the commentary, the surge in interest for homemade sunscreens is because some people fear the chemicals in shop-bought sunscreens and believe that natural products mixed at home will […]

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Hate Meditating? Here's How 5 Women Make It Work For Them

We all know we should meditate; from mitigating chronic pain to easing the physical symptoms of anxiety, meditation has long been touted as a panacea for the people. In fact, meditation is the fastest-growing health trend in the U.S., and with new apps and retreats being introduced every day, it doesn’t look like it’s slowing […]

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Food allergies don’t have to make meals out a nightmare

Food allergies don’t have to make meals out a nightmare: DR MIKE DILKES reveals five simple steps you can take to cope with the condition An allergic reaction happens when immune system overreacts to a food trigger Chemicals are released in the body, sparking a sometimes extreme reaction  People with allergies can still enjoy a […]

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Here's How to Make Baby Mealtime — & Cleanup — a Breeze

Sifting through the best high chairs on the market can be as challenging as convincing your picky toddler to gobble up all of her broccoli purees. But, just as introducing leafy greens into a baby’s diet is vital for her growth, finding the right high chair is critical for childhood development, says early childhood specialist […]