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Chicago sudden infant death cases never make the news

While news media reporting traffic crashes and fire-related deaths of infants and children is routine and often leads to preventative measures to reduce these deaths, there is little or no news coverage of sleep-related or sudden infants deaths, which contributes to the lack of efforts to prevent these deaths, according to a Rush physician. Dr. […]

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Hospitals make £260,000 from vending machines

Hospitals make £260,000 from vending machines packed with high-calorie snacks Ker-ching! Hospitals make a whopping £260,000 from vending machines packed with high-calorie snacks – and that’s just in Leeds! Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust has 43 vending machines across five sites They made £60,000 from the machines in 2017 and £260,000 from 2013-2018 Each device […]

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You Can Contour Your Chest To Make Your Boobs Look Bigger

We get it—you’re all contoured out. Face contouring, hair contouring, leg contouring, and now—oy vey—boob contouring. Yep. But, as many in the small boobs club (proud member, right here) and the drag community know, boob contouring isn’t actually a new thing. It’s been around for decades, probably because 1. It’s super-easy, and 2. It works. In […]

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How To Make Sure You Get Across the Fun Run Finish Line

World #2 female surfer, Sally Fitzgibbons, loves her running. She’s launching her All Australian Beach Body Fitness App, and currently gearing up for Sydney’s City2Surf, which is on Sunday August 13, 2017. Here’s her four-week guide for smashing it come race day…  4 weeks until race day: Build your base The most important element of […]