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Tips for dealing with active ingredient patches

In many accessory kit important notes about missing pieces of paper, such as active ingredient patches are properly applied. This is reported by researchers from the University of Heidelberg according to a recent analysis of 81 preparations. Patient, the proper application of the patches in the pharmacy, explain, recommended by the ABDA – Federal Union […]

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Mung beans: Health benefits, nutrition, and recipe tips

Preparing mung beans is straight forward, and people can add them to a variety of dishes. In this article, we discuss the potential health benefits of mung beans and their nutritional value. We also give advice on how much of this food type to eat, how to prepare them, and some recipe ideas. Health benefits […]

Pet Care

Top Five Tips for Flying with Your Pets

Nowadays, more than ever, pet parents are choosing to travel with their pets rather than leaving them at home with a pet-sitter or boarding them. Just like traveling in your car, flying with your pet comes with a number of precautions and considerations you should keep in mind. If flying with your pet is something […]

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Tips Provided for Budgeting in Medical Residency

THURSDAY, Oct. 4, 2018 — Medical residents should start budgeting and save for the future, according to an article published in the American Medical Association AMA Wire. Noting that medical residents are expected to manage complicated finances, the author of the article provides several pieces of essential financial advice. Medical residents must understand their income; […]

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Laparoscopy for endometriosis: Tips and what to expect

Endometriosis is a condition that occurs when tissue similar to the tissue that lines the uterus grows in other places in the body, forming lesions. Endometrial tissue responds to hormones, causing some cramping and bleeding during a person’s period as their body expels the tissue. Having this tissue in other locations can cause severe pain, […]

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Eczema flares in winter: 10 prevention tips and causes

Often, people find that their eczema or dermatitis gets particularly bad on parts of the skin that they expose to the elements in winter, for example, their hands and face. A range of treatments and home remedies can tackle winter flare-ups of eczema or prevent rashes and itchiness. Read on for 10 tips for preventing […]