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Woman thought weight gain was due to takeaways, but it was PCOS

Shannon Wedley thought her dramatic weight gain during her first year at university was a result of an unhealthy takeaway habit, but it turned out to be something completely unexpected. The 22-year-old, who was studying fine art at the University of Gloucestershire, initially didn’t think too much of her four stone weight gain. But when […]

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This Man Was Circumcised By Mistake When He Went to the Doctor to Get His Bladder Checked

Just about everyone knows Miley Cyrus’ famous lyric, “Everybody makes mistakes. Everybody has those days.” Yeah, it’s super inspiring and all, but some people who should not take comfort in Miley’s motto. I’m looking at you, doctors. Cue the story of a British man who went into the hospital to have his bladder checked—but instead left with a circumcised penis because doctors […]

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This 50-Year-Old Grandmother Had No Idea She Was Pregnant Until Two Months Before She Gave Birth

Imagine being told as a 50-year-old woman that you’ve officially entered menopause, only to learn a few months later that—surprise!—you’re pregnant. And if that’s not already shocking enough, the cherry on the cake is that you’re 26 weeks along and only have two months to prepare to bring a newborn into the world. Congratulations! Wait, what? According to Naples Daily […]

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Andy Cohen Was Dad-Shamed for the Silliest Reason

There’s a lot to be angry about these days: global warming, gun violence, Tristan Thompson cheating (once again) on Khloé Kardashian… Still, people find a way to get worked up over the silliest things, like Andy Cohen’s dog sniffing his newborn son, Benjamin. In honor of National Love Your Pet Day (a very real holiday […]