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Toddler with huge growths on his jaw was born with hundreds of cysts

Toddler with huge growths on his jaw was born with hundreds of tiny cysts under his skin because of a condition which affects only one in 4,000 children Gavin Silvestri, 18 months, suffers from lymphatic malformation in his head  Parents Victoria and Joseph, from Jacksonville, Florida, were initially ‘terrified’ At four days old, Gavin embarked on […]

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‘Every week, I was downing seven bottles of wine’

If you picture someone with a drinking problem, they would probably be a young person falling out of a nightclub and vomiting into a gutter. It's unlikely you'd imagine someone like me – a 50-year-old, university-educated, middle-aged mum of three. Yet, just a few years ago I was drinking around 70 units of alcohol a […]

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I Changed My Daughter's Name When She Was Almost 1

My 10-year-old daughter has the best story to tell at cocktail parties (I mean, future cocktail parties — it’s generally frowned upon for children to be on the cocktail circuit). She’s going to tell this story about how when she was 8 months old, her parents made a surprising decision to give her an entirely […]

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I was addicted to prescription drugs for two decades

Content warning: this article discusses drug addiction I’ll never forget the first time I took codeine. It gave me a warm feeling, as if I was floating on a pink fluffy cloud, and all my troubles and worries melted away. This week, Public Health England announced fears that a large number of people who are […]