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First HIV immunotherapy drug proves safe in phase 1 trial

First ever HIV immunotherapy drug proves safe in phase 1 trial – paving the way to a cure Scientists at UNC and Children’s National Health System have proved the safety of immunotherapy in HIV patients They are receiving $4m a year for 5 years from GlaxoSmithKline in a bid to arrive at the first HIV cure […]

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‘Fitcations’ Are a Great Way to Shape Up

FRIDAY, Sept. 21, 2018 — From a three-day bike race to raise awareness of a charitable cause, to adventure travel abroad, you can take exercise to a brand new level on a fitness trip. With no shortage of “fitcation” options available any time of year, start with some research, either by destination or by the […]

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A potential new way to treat some of the most common blinding diseases

Many eye diseases, including diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration, exhibit increased permeability of blood vessels in the macular (central) portion of the retina leading to abnormal fluid accumulation and vision loss. Therapies targeting a specific cytokine, vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), have transformed clinical care; however, not all patients respond well. A new report in […]

Pet Care

Pippa Finds Her Way from Cruelty to Companionship

When Katie L. was a little girl, she always wanted a horse.   “She saved her birthday and Christmas money for five or six years,” says Katie’s mother Stephanie, who inspired her daughter’s love for horses and comes from a long line of riders.  When she turned 13, Katie bought her first horse, Stogie—a.k.a. “Five Cent […]

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Losing weight the online way

(HealthDay)—Not being able to attend face-to-face meetings doesn’t mean you can’t get the benefits of joining an organized diet group. All you need is an internet connection. Online diet programs let you sign in for information and motivation at any hour of the day or night. Participating in a web-based weight-loss program can be helpful […]

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A new way to target high rates of obesity

A novel drug is being touted as a major step forward in the battle against Australia’s escalating rates of obesity and associated metabolic diseases. As it stands, 2 in 3 adults in Australia are classified as being overweight or obese. A long-term study between researchers at the Centenary Institute and UNSW Sydney has led to […]