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Beauty is simpler, and less special, than we realize

Beauty, long studied by philosophers, and more recently by scientists, is simpler than we might think, New York University psychology researchers have concluded in a new analysis. Their work, which appears in the journal Current Biology, offers a new perspective on the value of aesthetics. “Beauty is famously subjective and supposed to be intractable by […]

Health Problems

Why do we get nose bleeds?

Nose bleeds, or epistaxes, are often a mystery to the 60% of us who have had at least one in our lifetime. Suddenly, and without obvious cause, bright red blood starts streaming from one nostril. Usually they’re not something to worry about, but why we get them is not always clear. What causes nose bleeds? […]

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Is This The Riskiest Proposal Ever? We Say Yes.

Looks like the down-on-one-knee move is so done – this guy proposed to his (spoiler alert) now-fiancé with a fill-in-the-blank tattoo. Yep, tattoo artist Vinny Capaldo-Smith made his proposal to Brooke Wodark a permanent one before she’d even said yes. In a video that now has over 11 million views on Facebook, Brooke can be […]