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Sully, President Bush's service dog, trains for work at Walter Reed

George H.W. Bush’s service dog Sully recognized for his service Sully, former President George H.W. Bush's service dog, has temporarily moved back to his birthplace before he heads to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center next year. The 2-year-old service dog, who captured Americans' hearts after the 41st president died late last month, was welcomed back with […]

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Do legal cannabis products really work as well as Ibuprofen?

Do legal cannabis products really work as well as over-the-counter Ibuprofen? It’s a booming market with cannabis porridge, cola and even pet food on the way But, while that excites some, experts are still divided on their alleged benefit Home Secretary recently said some doctors will be able to prescribe cannabis A chance conversation overheard […]

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Nicole Kidman Talks Work, Kids & Tabloid Gossip

Actor Nicole Kidman and her husband (none other than country singer Keith Urban) share two daughters — Faith, 7, and Sunday, 10 — and Kidman hopes her work creating characters has a positive effect on them, especially since the family has to deal with ridiculous tabloid gossip all the time. Kidman and Urban are just […]

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Tai chi: an ancient art may work best to prevent falls in old age

(HealthDay)—The ancient practice of tai chi may beat strength training and aerobics for preventing falls among seniors, a new trial shows. A modified senior-centered tai chi program reduced falls nearly a third better in a head-to-head comparison with an exercise regimen that combined aerobics, strength training and balance drills, the researchers reported. “This tai chi […]

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Revealed: How blue pills can work better than red ones

Why blue pills can work better than red ones  How blue-coloured pills can work better than red ones – even if they are placebos Non-drug treatments such as yoga and herbs are often dismissed as no better than placebos by sceptics. But such methods have just acquired a heavyweight champion who claims in a new […]

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Stressed at Work? Open Office Plan Might Help

MONDAY, Aug. 20, 2018 — Maybe it’s time to retire the office cubicle. A new study suggests that open workspaces without partitions between desks encourage employees to be more active and help curb stress. “We are becoming an increasingly sedentary workforce, and anything that we can do, even passively, to nudge physical activity up will […]

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This Common Daily Habit Could Be Damaging Your Relationship

Switch on the out-of-office and step away from your inbox. A new study has found that responding to work emails out of hours can take a huge toll on your mental health and home life.   Researchers at Virginia Tech University surveyed 142 full-time workers and their S.O’s about their employers’ expectations and relationship satisfaction. […]