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Ash Hart Reveals Her Surprising Morning Ritual

There’s something calming about Ashley Hart. It may be the fact she’s just taken us through a 15-minute guided meditation on a Wednesday morning, or it could just be her vibe – warm, relaxed, genuine and pretty darn radiant, in a way that could make any frazzled commuter (*puts hand up*) breathe a little more easily.

The model, yoga instructor, former WH cover star and Swisse ambassador has jetted from her home in LA to Sydney for the launch of the Swisse Discover Real Beauty Inside and Out campaign (plus a few new additions to its skincare and beauty supplement ranges). With our bus journey a distant pre-meditation memory, we asked Hart to take us through a day in her life – and for the wellness secrets that make her tick.

Morning rituals…

“When I’m not travelling, my routine involves waking up and drinking a huge glass of water, then writing in my journal. Next I meditate, relax in the infrared sauna, jump in the salt pool and practice yoga in the morning sun. I know this sounds quite full on! But when I have the time, this is a two-hour experience where I can really connect with myself and my surroundings.

Then brekkie’s an omelette and I also have a big square of my homemade chocolate – I use cacao butter and coconut, and it’s delicious.

As for exercise, my go-to is always yoga, but if I feel like mixing it up (which happens all the time), I attend this dance class called 5Rhythms. It’s a dynamic movement practice that ignites creativity, connection and community. I also love barre and pilates classes, as well as walking and sprints. I think it’s important to mix up your exercise routine so your body doesn’t become familiar with the same workouts.

Staying energised…

“Lunch is a superfood smoothie packed with nutrients, protein and high-energy fats – this fuels me for my afternoon, whether I’m on a shoot, studying [integrative nutrition] or at a yoga class. When it comes to coffee, it’s not a standard capp – I’m all about Bulletproof coffee! 

At dinner time, I typically stick with grilled fish and salad. I mix up the latter and experiment with recipes to keep things exciting.

Passion projects…

“Right now, I’m in the middle of my last week of school with my final exam fast approaching. I’m devoted to finishing my studies, and my ongoing work is always focused on personal development – anything that upgrades my consciousness to be more self-aware is something I am passionate about.

Every day is different, but my favourite ways to spend time are cooking dinner at home with friends, reading myself to sleep with a good book and cup of tea, as well as planning my next day the night before – I love feeling organised.

Evening wind-down…

“When I’m at home, bed time is about switching off my body to the world and rejuvenating myself for the next day. I’ve trained myself to use no alarms or apps, and I also try to get eight hours of sleep.

What helps me overcome an ‘off’ day? 20 minutes of Vedic meditation. I meditate twice daily as it helps clear my mind, ground and energise me.

‘Happiness’ is the simple things in life which bring me so much joy and love. From seeing the sun flicker through the trees in the morning to catching up with an old friend and being totally present in that moment, everything else just stands still.”

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