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Bride slammed for forcing bridesmaids to buy ‘hideous’ £144 dress

There’s often controversy over the bridesmaids dresses at weddings , whether it’s the style, colour or fit.

Most brides want their bridesmaids to look lovely – but without stealing the show.

A bride has been blasted for forcing her bridesmaids to fork out £144 for "hideous" yellow dresses to wear on the special day.

A baffled bridesmaid asked parenting forum Mumsnet whether it would be unreasonable to tell the bride that her gal pals don’t want to pay for the "monstrosities".

She wrote : "There are 6 of us and we all absolutely hate the dress she has picked. She has found it online with her DM [darling mum] and it is honestly the fuglest dress I have ever seen.

"We’ve decided to tell her how we feel and drew straws. I obviously drew the short straw.

"So am I being unreasonable to tell her that we do not want to wear and pay for these monstrosities?

"How do I do that without upsetting her? She’s so stressed and I don’t want to add to that."

She uploaded a link to the dress in question, adding that the bride wanted it in a yellow colour that won’t flatter any of the girls.

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One person wrote: "I have come to the conclusion that if she is serious about this, she actually secretly hates you all. Those dresses are f***ing hideous!!!

Some people thought the dress was so awful, the post must be untrue.

One said: "Just in case this isn’t a windup, yes I’d say that all six bridesmaids hate it and are not prepared to pay for it.

"Sure it may stress her, but she is stressing you by telling you what to wear with no consultation. Grit your teeth and just do it."

Another said: "She can’t be serious? It’s horrific."

However, one person said they would wear it "for the lols".

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