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'How are you' NHS quiz will brutally tell you how unfit you are

We all have our own habits that we know could probably do with some healthier adjustments.

Maybe you’re always reaching for a sugary drink rather than drinking enough water, or maybe a quick walk to the tube station is the only exercise you get all week.

Well whatever it is, this NHS quiz will be sure to tell you just how unhealthy your habits really are.

In fact, for every few answers you give the ‘How Are You?’ quiz, it gives you a little pep-talk about your responses and how well you’re doing.

But it’s the final score out of 10 and the brutal advice that may take you by surprise.

If you score a one out of 10 then you’ll be told you’re ‘at rock bottom,’ but that ‘the only way is up’. Ouch.

It’ll also tell you that around 40% of deaths in the UK are linked to your behaviour – not the most encouraging information, but it does hammer the point home.

‘Designed to point you in the right direction’, the quiz first asks for your name, age and whether you are male or female.

Then the quiz begins and you are asked to adjust the sliding scales according to how you currently feel. How tired are you? Did you get a good nights sleep? Can you run for the bus?

It then asks you what factors may impact your ability to take care of yourself and who depends on you being healthy. For example, pets or minors, or maybe you care for the elderly.

The quiz, found here on the NHS website, also asks for your top three health priorities, such as fitting into your jeans, looking younger or avoiding aches and pains.

You are then given ‘something to think about’, which consists of some general wellbeing advice about finding time to care for yourself or how to boost your energy levels.

Your daily intake of food and drink is also analysed as the quiz asks about your choices when it comes to drinks, potatoes, breakfast cereal, cheese and meat.

Once you’ve answered the questions about fruit and veg portions, your preferences for types of potato and sugary or sugar-free drinks, you are either criticised or praised for your choices.

Advice is offered regarding changes you should make to lead a healthier lifestyle.

The quiz then moves onto the ‘stronger stuff’ and asks about your alcohol intake – including what types of alcohol you drink and how often. You are then advised accordingly.

How much you exercise also comes under the microscope as you’re asked how many minutes of exercise, such as fast walking or cycling, and strengthening, such as yoga or weights, you do each day.

The final section of the quiz asks if you’re a smoker and if so, how frequently you have a cigarette.

The quiz then ends and your health is boiled down to one number, as you are given a score out of 10.

Recommendations are given based on areas you could be healthier, with exercise tips, healthy recipes and food and drink adjustments all dished out.

If you want to find out how healthy the NHS thinks you are then give it a go – but brace yourself.

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