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Meet The Australian TikTokers Bringing Gratitude And Laughs To Our Feeds

It’s hard to believe that only a year ago, TikTok was a relatively obscure entity. The very name would sooner conjure images of timepieces than it did viral dance crazes, but thanks to lockdown-induced boredom, suddenly our days became one long, incessant scroll on the global platform. Since then, TikTok has become something of a pop culture phenomenon, with its own stars pocketing a more lucrative income than those of Insta fame or Snapchat glory. While you can certainly find all manner of trends, topics and people on the platform, some Aussie women are using the platform as a means to bring inspiration, learning, laughs and awareness to our feeds. 

Be it musicians, comedians, chefs or entrepreneurs, these women are using TikTok every day to entertain, educate, motivate and be voices for change. From the vulnerable and raw honest of what it’s like to be a working mum, to those in the world of health and fitness sharing their struggles with weight gain, eating disorders, and recovery to inspire others to become healthier versions of themselves, these women are nothing short of aspirational. 

In light of International Women’s Day, we’re celebrating the women who continue to use their voices for change, championing strength and creativity while bringing joy to the feeds of all who follow them. These Aussie TikTokers are nothing short of extraordinary, using their platform to not only inspire change and bring the laughs, but also taking great strides to make a lasting impact on the global TikTok community and beyond. So, without further adieu, here are the female TikTok stars we love. 

Chantel Mila

For those seeking inspiration when it comes to DIY hacks and ideas, you can’t look past Mama Mila’s account. 

Jules Sebastian 

A home cook, author, and mum, Jules’ stories are relatable and hilarious. 

Christie Swadling 

The fitness professional from Newcastle is open and extremely honest. On her platform, she shares her weight gain journey as she continues her recovery from anorexia/IBS. As Christie suggests, “My goal is to inspire and motivate women to be the happiest and healthier version of themselves.”


The pop singer discusses mental health through relatable content that proves entertaining and informative for all her followers. 

Tkay Maidza 

The Zimbabwean-born star is a delight to watch, sharing her journey as an incredibly successful singer-songwriter and rapper. 

Kat Clark

The fitness trainer from the Gold Coast educates other women on how to leave hard situations. 

AJ Clementine 

A transgender woman and LGBT community icon, AJ’s page is a safe space for all. 

Katerina Lee Roe

Representing Aboriginal heritage and culture, Katerina Lee shares her travels around Australia. 


A page sharing art and political issues affecting women. 

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