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Over half of women don’t realise bladder leaks are a menopause symptom

Over half of women don't realise this menopause symptom

More than half of women didn’t know that bladder leakage is a symptom of the menopause, according to research. A poll of 2,000 women, who are peri-menopausal or menopausal, found 46 percent wouldn’t want to discuss their bladder leakage issues with anyone – as 19 percent feel it’s embarrassing.

But of those open to discussing it, 36 percent would be happy to do so with their doctor.

It also emerged that nearly six in ten (57 percent) claimed to not know how to do a pelvic floor exercise, with 87 percent believing the act needs to be spoken about more.

Menopause pioneer, Mariella Frostrup, has partnered with Always Discreet, as part of its “Squeeze the Day” campaign, to make daily pelvic floor exercises during menopause a habit every woman forms to prevent bladder leakage.

She said: “Supporting women through the menopause is something I feel incredibly passionate about.

“For too long, women going through this natural life stage have been made to feel ashamed, and therefore reluctant to share their symptoms – a long list, on which bladder leaks features highly.

“I believe it’s important to remove the stigma and normalise the side effects, so women feel they are not alone.

“That’s why I’m championing the Squeeze the Day campaign – so that we can support women by breaking down taboos, and empower them to make their pelvic floor exercises part of daily life.”

Almost two-thirds (61 percent) said they didn’t feel prepared when it came to experiencing the signs and symptoms of the menopause.

The main reasons for this included a general lack of education on the subject (24 percent), while 22 percent said they didn’t recognise their symptoms were menopausal – and 19 percent simply didn’t feel ready to go through it, physically and mentally.

But three-quarters (76 percent) said they’d be likely to exercise their pelvic floor more regularly if they had better advice and guidance on the subject.

Four in ten said their bladder often leaks a little when they laugh, cough, or sneeze, while a further 29 percent said they unintentionally urinate when they run, jump, or engage in exercise.

However, 17 percent already do less of the activities they love, because of their menopausal bladder leaks.

And seven in ten (71 percent) of those who took part in the study, by, say they wish they’d done more to strengthen their pelvic floor when they were younger.

Emma Gerrard, from Always Discreet UK, added: “We are incredibly proud to be supporting the one in two women who may experience bladder leaks as a symptom of menopause, by not only raising awareness of the importance of squeezing the day, every day, but also by showing how easy it is to incorporate pelvic floor exercises into your daily routine, when you know how.”

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