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PSA: This Online Tool Makes Getting An STI Test Way Less Embarrassing

Let’s be real: Getting screened for an STI can be embarrassing, uncomfortable and pretty bloody awkward. But with sexually transmitted infection rates increasing across Australia year on year, it’s never been more important to get your bits tested.

Enter: Stigma Health, the online tool that provides patients with a personalised pathology request without the hassle of going to the doctors.  And the best part? For the month of September, it’s completely free. 

How it works:

Your risk profile will be determined by your responses to a series of yes/no questions – just like the ones your GP would ask during a face-to-face appointment. Your answers will then be sent to the doctor and you’ll then be issued with the appropriate pathology form for your specific concerns. After taking the test at a collection centre of your choice, you’ll be informed via text when your results are ready. And if your test returns positive, you’ll then be advised on the next steps to take. 

But be warned: not all STI’s can be picked up using this method. If you’re worried about genital warts or herpes, you’ll need in-person medical advice. 

For more details head to Stigma Health.

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