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Q&A: Whats in store for the upcoming respiratory virus season?


Last year we saw a big respiratory virus season after a couple of years of not seeing as much flu and RSV. Should we be worried about another difficult season this year?

We’ve seen some reports of an uptick of COVID in some wastewater surveillance. What’s going on here?

We also just had the Fourth of July, when a lot of people were gathering. Could that be why we’re anecdotally hearing about more people getting sick?

Last year it seemed, especially for families with younger children, that someone was sick at any given time. Is that part of this coming out of COVID? Do you think we might see that again this year?

So what you’re saying is that humans are going to be humans and viruses are going to be viruses. We’re just paying a lot more attention right now.

What about the potential for an early flu season? Should people get flu shots earlier?

The third virus in our “tripledemic” was RSV. Some big news just came out that there is a new antibody for RSV. Can you tell us a little bit about that?

COVID deaths and hospitalizations are down. Last year’s flu season was early but otherwise not that different from what we’ve seen before. What’s the lesson to take into the upcoming respiratory virus season?

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