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#Shellonchallenge: Anything with a shell to eat the health can damage also

Everything with a bowl of food: the Health risks of new Trend #shellonchallenge

In the past few years have been widely used in the Internet, it is always different Challenges that could even have life-threatening consequences. Currently, the #makes shellonchallenge the round. The aim is to eat foods with peel. Consumer advocates point to the fact that it could lead to health problems.

The more healthy food consume

Health experts recommend daily to consume at least five to ten servings of fruits and vegetables. This supplies your body with important vitamins and minerals and protects against diseases. Therefore, it is to be welcomed, when people ask each other to eat such food. However, the new Trend #shellonchallenge it comes to eating food with the peel or even with the packaging. Consumer advocates explain why this is in many cases not a good idea.

The new Trend #shellonchallenge people are encouraged to eat foods with peel. In the case of some fruit and vegetables this is also recommend to. However, in some cases, health is at risk. (Image: Rebel/

Fruits and vegetables with a bowl of food

Currently, various Videos and photos of people who eat something with a shell (“shell-on”) can be found on Twitter, Snapchat and other social channels.

Although foods such as carrots can be peeled and eaten, and also in the case of Apples, peaches or cucumbers it is recommended by health experts, but in the case of oranges, bananas, nuts, or even raw eggs that looks quite different.

The consumer indicates Central Bremen in a message.

Not everything is suitable for consumption with shell

The consumer advocates do not explain in the message why you should be some foods raw and with a bowl of food:

Raw potatoes with peel in the vegetables contained solanine can cause abdominal pain.

Nuts with shell, because the shell is not digested, it could lead to small injury.

Orange and lemon peels: to be used when baking smaller quantities and it is also loaded, but only untreated organic should be used-goods. Even these should be before consumption, thoroughly washed and dry with a cloth rubbed in order to avoid possible residues of plant protection products or other buildup.

Mango and banana all fruits should be before eating washed. After the Peel, the hands should be taken not to forget to wash, because the shells are wetted often with plant protection products, which are otherwise complete.

Eggs: eating raw eggs should take, according to the consumer, especially children and seniors, because they easily cause food infections. Egg shells consist mainly of lime (Calcium) – they are not generally dangerous, but even small injuries can arise.

Plastic packaging not to swallow

According to the experts, the Challenge extends also to packaged food, for example chocolate bars with plastic wrap.

However, the deliberate Swallowing of plastic packaging should be avoided.

Because in addition to the risk of injury can be substances from the plastic packaging in the gastro-intestinal tract, which can eventually lead to diseases.

In addition, the plastic packaging are probably not particularly clean, depending on how many hands you are already gone.

What are the effects of Eating plastic in animals, can be traced to the images of dead sea birds, fish or whales that have plastic in the stomach.

The consumer advice centre Bremen still has a tip: for those Who would like to participate in this Challenge, you can rely on the washed asparagus and rhubarb in season, and the shells are also edible. (ad)