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This Person Wants To Pay You To Let Them Pop Your Pimples

There are two very distinct camps when it comes to dealing with pimples: those who insist on leaving the suckers until they eventually dry up (coz, willpower). And those who literally live for moments like this:

But some strange folk are taking their fixation to the next lev and are actually recruiting people to let them squeeze their zits.

Case in point: This Craigslist user. 

In a post entitled: “Let Me Pop Your Pimples,” they write:

“I am one of the popaholics obsessed with watching videos of blackheads/pimples/sebaceous filaments being picked at or popped. I thought I’d give myself a holiday present this year and pop some pimples of my own. Only I don’t seem to have any. This is where you come in. If you have any pimples/acne/blackheads and would allow me to pop them I would be extremely grateful.”

Interested in the gig? You’ll be raking in around $60AUD per hour, which is actually pretty good if you’re not totally weirded out by having a complete stranger pawing at your face.

“I would be using the Enilsa Brown method of Q-tips (and rubber gloves of course) and if you are comfortable a sterile needle to help [get] any sticky ones out,” they continued the post.

“I would also use rubbing alcohol and use Clearasil Deep Pore Acne Pads at the end.”

And just when it’s all starting to feel littttle creepy, they suggest to “bring a friend, to pass the time and make you feel comfortable.” Yeah, nah.

But on a serious note, with Dr Pimple Popper growing in popularity lately, there’s been a heap of dodgy home-jobs like this cropping up. And unless you want to run the risk of scarring and/or infection we strongly advise against getting anyone besides a licensed aesthetician to do your extractions.

You’ve officially been warned.

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