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Chrissy Teigen & John Legend's Kids' Bedrooms Are So Epic, They Were Featured in 'Architectural Digest'

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are the latest celebrities to have a cover story in Architectural Digest, and they gave fans a detailed look at their Beverly Hills, California home — including the fantastical bedrooms of their eldest children, 7-year-old daughter Luna Simone and 5-year-old son Miles Theodore.

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Teigen explained to the publication, “Every house we’ve ever had reflects the moment we were in in our lives, like chapters in a book.” Legend jumped in, sharing, “Our last house was darker and more cloistered, like a sanctuary. We were attracted to this place because of its lightness and airiness. We love how open it feels, and how it’s so connected to the outdoors.” The dad of four added, “We wanted to create something magical, especially for the kids.”

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In addition to Luna and Miles, the couple share two babies: 6-month-old daughter Esti Maxine, whom Teigen gave birth to in January, and 1-month-old son Wren Alexander, who arrived via surrogate in June. The family’s home was designed with exactly that in mind: family. Jake Arnold, the designer who helped craft and curate Teigen and Legend’s abode, told AD, “They use every room in the house, and no place is off-limits to the children, so it all had to be casual and comfortable.”

Of the childlike oases that are Luna and Miles’ bedrooms, Arnold said, “We know the rooms will evolve as the kids grow up, but they’re perfect for right now. They’re like little dreamworlds.” And they truly are, with Luna’s feminine retreat fit for a princess and Mile’s boyish bedroom playful and broody. Our inner child has never been more jealous of two kids’ bedrooms.

  • Luna’s Lavender Fantasyland

    Image Credit: Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for DreamWorks Animation.

    Luna’s bedroom is every girly girl’s dream come true. Swathed in soft shades of lavender and blush pink, her chamber features a loft with fun cutouts in the wall and a whimsical staircase, as well as a slide from the loft to a large ball pit filled with pearlescent orbs.

    Her bed, along with a matching bench, is outfitted in cream, mauve, and pale pink tones, with lavish lavender curtains framing her floor-length windows, draping from the ceiling to the floor.

    The best part of Luna’s room is her enchanting tented ceiling, which is opulently tufted in rich lavender fabric with a sculpturesque lighting fixture hanging in the middle of the room.

  • Miles’ Safari-Themed Hideaway

    Image Credit: Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for DreamWorks Animation.

    Miles’ bedroom is perfect for the adventurous little boy. The safari-themed chamber includes a super cool bunk bed with a Landrover-inspired frame complete with tires. The bed sits on a raised platform wrapped in faux grass, and two large giraffe stuffed figures stand off to the side of the sleeping area.

    One of the 5-year-old’s wood-paneled walls features rock-climbing foot-holds, and his floor-to-ceiling window is outfitted in  camouflage-style netted curtains.

  • The Whole Family on the Cover — Almost

    Image Credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for The Recording Academy.

    In addition to one of the beautiful photographs of their family in the pages of the cover story, Teigen and Legend also posed for the AD magazine cover with all of their kids excluding Wren, who was presumably still in utero at the time of the shoot.

    To make the story even more iconic — because, let’s be honest, their home is mind-bogglingly stunning — Teigen and Legend’s family portrait is the first global cover AD has ever published. From the kids’ bedrooms to the gorgeous group shot, we’re eating up every detail offered in this enchanting home tour.

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