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Cool Electric Scooters for Kids & Teens

Your top priority when choosing products for your kids and teens is safety. So, when they ask for an electric scooter, your first thought will be how safe it is for them to ride around. As long as they have proper safety gear (helmet, please) and practice safe driving, then they will be in good hands. However, a sturdy and reliable scooter certainly helps. The best electric scooters for kids and teens will satisfy their need for speed while keeping them safe.

Whether they want a scooter that features a cool design, like flames, or something simple and sleek, there are plenty of options to choose from. Many are even energy-efficient, so they can go longer without having to charge it. And when you do charge it up, you’ll want one that does it quickly. Below, we’ve rounded up the best electric scooters for kids and teens to put your mind at ease while they’re going around the neighborhood.

1. Gilon Scooter

Whether they’re using the scooter just to cruise around the block or if they plan on using it to commute to school or a job, having a light and portable option is key. This sleek electric scooter is also energy efficient — you can travel up to 500 miles on just $1 of electricity. You also have the option to store it vertically to save space in a cramped garage or corner. The front headlight and rear taillight will help them get around at night.

2. Gotrax Scooter

Time is of the essence, and this electric scooter doesn’t waste any time. It charges at a lightning-speed rate, so they can get to using it. It also folds up compactly, so they can carry with them as needed without breaking their back. This electric scooter boasts cruise-control, a hand brake, and lock mechanism for safety. In recharges completely in just four hours.

3. Viro Scooter

If they want a sleek electric scooter that has major style points, then this street-art designed version will make them happy. It has visibility LED lights for cool ground lighting, a fully enclosed motor for safety, and it’s emission-free unlike gas-powered scooters.

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