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Bad breath – you can do about it

According to estimates, every third German suffers from bad breath. Often the cause lies directly in the oral cavity and can be easily fix. Those who observe a couple of simple Tricks that quickly comes to fresh breath.

Tip 1: dental hygiene is a priority

Thorough dental hygiene is the best way to eliminate mouth odor. Plaque, bacteria and fungi are deposited on the day in the mouth and regular Brushing will quickly eliminate it. Therefore, at least twice a day for toothbrush attack.

Tip 2: Not only brushing your teeth

Where the toothbrush can’t reach, can shelter bacteria, which in turn bad breath. Here, dental floss, inter-dental brushes or anti help rinses antibacterial mouth to clean even hard-to-reach areas. Tongue scraper to remove bad-smelling deposits on the tongue.

Lutz Kampert Mirela-Oana Nilius

Mirela-Oana Nilius is a dentist and specialist in dental aesthetics at the clinic Nilius in Dortmund. Their focus is on the treatment of patients with fear of the dentist, methods such as the water – laser, complex maxillofacial surgical procedures such as Chin, shifting, lifting, and nose and ear corrections.

Tip 3: drink a Lot

Also dryness of the mouth, for example, snoring, or stop taking certain medications, caused, causes bad breath. Regular water prior to drinking helps prevent the drying out of the mucous membranes, resolves at the same time, food remains between the teeth and neutralizes harmful acid residues. Pleasant side effect: an Average of 100 kilos of calories the person consumes when Drinking one Liter of water.

Tip 4: stay away from garlic & Co

Certain foods such as garlic without. Because the consumption of garlic allylmethyl reaches sulfide in the bloodstream, and is decomposed within 24 hours by the body. In the process, sulfur gases, which are also excreted in the breath.

Tip 5: saliva flow, stimulate

Little helpers such as sugar-free chewing gum, or Drops stimulate the flow of saliva and provide a pleasant Freshness in the mouth. But caution: Excessive consumption brings out the natural mouth flora out of balance and causes prolonged intake of the opposite effect. A healthy Alternative kauintensive offer food such as carrots, the also increase the flow of saliva.

Tip 6: On cigarettes and alcohol, refrain

The consumption of both cigarettes as well as alcohol leads to bad breath and inhibits the natural Regeneration of the oral flora. Also for the sake of the General health should be eliminated, both.

Tip 7: Professional Dental Cleaning

In spite of thorough oral hygiene can settle bacteria over time in the oral cavity and there for bad breath. A semi-annual professional dental cleaning removes stubborn plaque and counteracts in addition to discoloration. Many health insurance companies subsidise this treatment. An individual germ-determination to the dentist also helps you understand which micro-organisms are in the oral cavity. If by the settlement of bacteria already an inflammation of the gums, periodontitis, is caused by a so-called photo dynamic therapy. It is formed by the irradiation with a low-energy laser of aggressive oxygen that destroys the bacteria in the mouth.

The mouth odor is not letting up in spite of following the above tips, people can perform a breath test at the family doctor or gastroenterologist. This excludes that the mouth smell of the skin through non-surgical diseases such as acid reflux disease or gastric mucosa inflammation is caused.

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