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Family, friends, Partner: Who is allowed to be visited and who does not

A long first weekend in may, stands in front of the door. Normally would to visit as an occasion for families, friends would meet in the Park for a picnic and some would also go to a Demo. Normally. Because in the times of the Corona is so, says something. Nevertheless, the attraction is certainly for many there.

But is it allowed to visit his parents and to travel through half of Germany? May I meet me with my Partner or my partner out on a Date? Or in my second apartment? The Federal government and the Länder have set up for this purpose, some different rules and measures are taken, the yet to 3. May apply. In front of the 4. In may, German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) wants to evaluate together with the Government heads of the Federal States, the development of new and, where appropriate, for further steps to take. According to the words of the Chancellery chief Helge Braun, the current rules would “certainly” first to 10. May be extended. Some countries have this already implemented.

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Meeting with others, only with exceptions

According to the Federal government Leaving the apartment or of the house, or rather, staying out in the open is allowed only in certain cases. These are: the way to work, to emergency care, shopping, doctor visits, participation in meetings, required appointments and tests, help of others, or of individual sports and exercise in the fresh air, as well as “other necessary activities”. Important is the distance as a rule of 1.5 metres to the other people here, but still.

In Public you are allowed to move beyond just “alone, with a further non-Person living in the household or in the circle of the members of the house stand”. The text means: A Date with the Partner or the partner in the Park is nothing to oppose. But: To be other people than the members of their own Haustands a minimum of in principle clearance of at least 1.5 metres to comply with. A Meeting with his three best friends for example, is not permitted.

Also prohibited: to celebrate, such as birthdays, weddings or Christenings. This applies to both the Public as well as in the Private: “the group celebrate in public places, in apartments, as well as private facilities are not permitted.”


Overview: these are the measures of the länder

And the parents visit? Even if you are allowed to move with his family Outdoors together, this only applies to the “own House” – that is, the members of their household. Individual länder, however, exceptions.

In addition, the Federal government advises against all travel, even within Germany: “overnight Stays are to be made only in the necessary cases, and expressly not for the purpose of tourism’. Also from the visit of friends and Relatives is expressly discouraged.” A spokesman for the Federal interior Ministry said on demand the star: “Mutual visits should be avoided, but not to the own Partner or your own partner relate to is likely to.”

These regulations shall apply in all länder. However, according to the Federal principle, according to which the competences between the Federation and the länder are divided, be adopted by the individual countries in the framework of its competence, the specific rules, as it says on the side of the Federal government. Because it is the country, the measures in accordance with the infection protection act, the spokesman for the interior Ministry. Here is an Overview of the additional measures taken by the countries:

Baden-Württemberg: On the website of the country-said: “Outside of the public space are events, and other gatherings of more than five people, ( … ), up to 3. In may 2020, is prohibited. From this prohibition events and other gatherings are exempted if the participating persons in a straight line related, such as parents, grandparents, children and grandchildren or in a domestic community life, as well as their spouses, life partners or life partners, or partners.”

Bavaria: Here is also an output restriction. The Bavarian Ministry of health on 28. April 2020 is decided that the provisional output restriction should be extended. It is now up to and including 10. May. For Sport and exercise in the fresh air, she was relaxed but to the extent that they could not only meet with members of their own household, but in addition with a “budget tourist” Person.

Berlin: In the capital, apply to the contact restrictions and hygiene rules, up to and including 10. May. “Basically, there are no exceptions to the contact restrictions, except as regards the members of his own household.”

Brandenburg: Here is, in addition, Entering public places prohibited. There are, however, exceptions, for example, the way to work or on the way to the Park and stay there in compliance with the contact restrictions.

Bremen: In the city-state maintains one of the requirements of the Federal government.

Hamburg: Who lives alone, should with another Person. “Walking, Hiking, Jogging, Cycling are with the members of their household or alone plus a household Person possible,” writes the Hanseatic city. Tourist travel will remain prohibited from overnight hotel stays are only allowed to business travellers. Funeral celebrations are allowed, however, alone in the closest family circle.

Hessen: Also here is the contact prohibition. The country has loosened its corona measures: “communities of faith must from 1. May re-assemble. Also visits to nursing homes with conditions from the 4. May allowed again.”

Mecklenburg-Vorpommern: The contact restrictions stay here for the time being. 18. March has made the country a tourism stop. This will be loosened in five phases. From 1. In may 2020, with a partner, travel apartment owners from other States back to their second homes. This is the first Phase. Also long-term campers could use, if the Phase 1 requirements are met, your pitch back to recovery, the country on its website.

Lower Saxony: The contact prohibition also applies here. Similarly, the short-term residence permit is prohibited for the purpose of tourism in second homes.

NRW-Prime Minister

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North Rhine-Westphalia: Here follows the contact restrictions of the Federal government. Of them related except in a straight line, siblings, spouses, life partners and life partners, as well as in domestic community living people.

Rhineland-Palatinate: The Federal state also has a contact ban that the Federal oriented. Funerals in the immediate family are allowed here.

Saarland: Here, as in Bavaria, an output restriction. You are allowed to leave the apartment only from “valid reasons” to go about for shopping or to work. However, the German constitutional court has overturned parts of the output restrictions, such as the Saarland radio (SR) reported. From now on, Meetings of families were thus, more precisely parents, grandparents, and grandchildren, but also siblings and nieces said, in the private sector possible. In addition, the stay in the open, not only to Sport and movement is again possible, the SR. According to the court, the contact reduction and the distance requirement applies but more. Funerals in the immediate family are allowed.

Saxony: the free state on June 20. April relaxations in force, and the absence of output restrictions, which had been prescribed for the Land previously owned. “It is in the future allowed to leave your apartment without a valid reason. The stay is outside of their own apartment or own house, alone, with a further non-Person living in the household or in the circle of one’s own household, allowed in.” Citizens are asked to refrain from trips, private trips and visits, even from Relatives.

Saxony-Anhalt: The apartment may only have a “valid reason” to leave, about to go shopping, to go to the emergency care to go or to practice the profession. For the time being up to 3. May is not allowed the Contact. The visit of the life partner or live-in partner, as well as of the members is in principle possible, the country on its website. Also travel to Saxony-Anhalt, were allowed for professional, commercial or family reasons. The drive to the second residence is also permitted. Tourist travel is prohibited.

Of Schleswig-Holstein to Bavaria

Affected regions of the Coronavirus spreads in Germany

Schleswig-Holstein: From the tourist reasons, you may not enter. This does not apply for travel to or for a spouse, Divorced, registered partners, life partners, siblings, and in a straight line Relatives. “The number of participants of such together shall not agreement exceed, in the private room, as well as the corresponding meetings in the public space a total of ten people.” In addition, the access to the Islands and Halligen persons is not prohibited, the have their main residence in these places. Exceptions apply for people who work on the Islands or members of a family to maintain, so the country.

Second home owners in Schleswig-Holstein, may 4. May once again use their holiday homes as tourism Minister Bernd Buchholz (FDP) said on Wednesday. “This also applies to the Islands and Halligen.” Also the duration of the camping will allow upcoming week. According to the decision, the owners of second homes are allowed to take their in the same House, living Partner and children, but not friends. The ban on visitors in nursing homes is loosened. Of 4. May be able to enable nursing facilities under strict hygiene requirements, the visit of a Person for a maximum of two hours, as health Minister Heiner Garg (FDP) announced on Wednesday.

Thuringia: Also here – as in the other 15 Federal States – the prohibition of Contact, which the Federal government-oriented. Events, meetings, gatherings, and other meetings with more than two people are forbidden “with the exception that it is members of your own household and, in addition, not more than a budget unknown Person comes in.”

Also, if there is in every state different rules, so it is still important to keep to this. Authorities and police would monitor the compliance with the measures, writes the Federal government: “anyone Who violates the contact constraints, must reckon with sanctions.” In many cases, this can mean a fine is, in part, in the amount of several Hundred euros.

Editors ‘ note: The rules can change at any time. Current notes and information to your state, please see the article linked-to website in the country.

Sources: Federal government, Federal Ministry of the interior, Internet sites of the individual Federal States, Saarländischer Rundfunk, news Agency DPA

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