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Health Check-up uncovers many unrecognised problems

In a new study from Australia among supposedly healthy people in age were found between 40 and 75 years, an average of five previously unknown health problems per Person, among other things, hearing loss or high blood pressure. The authors, therefore, advise people over the age of 40. Years of age to have regular health Checks – even if you feel healthy.

At 561 seemingly healthy adults 21 health areas were examined, including hearing, memory, lung function, sensation of the feet, sense of balance, nutrition and physical activity. The results showed that there were, on average, five previously unidentified health problems per Person, regardless of age.

Under the tip of the abnormalities were Overweight and obesity (61 percent), a high waist-to-hip ratio (53 percent), too little physical activity (53 percent), an undetected elevated blood sugar levels (39 per cent), functional hearing loss (34 percent), memory problems (32%) and previously undiagnosed hypertension (30%) riders.

Professor Sue Gordon from Flinders University in Australia, explains: "Small reversible changes in the health pile up unnoticed, while people have little time and their life to work and Parenthood turns." So, problems are often detected late. Many of the abnormalities were, however, reversible: "This shows that screening can improve health, even in people, the healthy fühlen", so Gordon.