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Italian Doctors successfully sever Siamese twins

Italian Doctors has succeeded in creating a highly complex Operation to separate Siamese twins. The last of three difficult operations for the separation of the two girls Ervina and Prefina have taken place at the beginning of June, was informed by the hospital Bambino Gesù in Rome on Tuesday. The from the Central African Republic for two years, it will go well. Their brains were “intact”, so that they had a “normal life” in front of.

The Diagnosis

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According to the hospital, the twin girls were at the back of the head grow together. A special challenge for Doctors, therefore, also the fact that the two children had shared a large part of the venous system. This is said to have made “three very delicate surgery” needed to gradually build up two independent vein systems.

The third and last of the three operations lasted 18 hours, according to the hospital. 30 Doctors and nurses had been involved in the procedure.

Girls need to wear special safety helmets

“A month after the final separation of the twins well”, – said the clinic. However, the risk of infection is still high. The girls would have to wear a few months in special protective helmets.

Siamese Twins

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Siamese twins that have grown on the back of the head together and a large part of the venous system are extremely rare. It was probably the first Time in the history of medicine that a separation of those Thai had succeeded against the twins.

The Bambino Gesù hospital has made so far four operations to separate Siamese twins. According to the figures, there were in the past 20 years, in Europe only two successful operations to separate Siamese twins, which were grown back of the head together.

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