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Men And Women Reveal The “Common” Sex Moves That Are Actually A Huge Turn Off

When it comes to preferences for certain bedroom practices, it’s definitely a case of each to their own. But a recent Reddit thread has revealed the more common moves that some men and women see as a huge turn off. 

“Slapping of any kind that isn’t spanking. Ball slapping, labia slapping, slapping a girl in the face with a penis. Maybe it’s not so common in the real world but it’s definitely common in porn and I just can’t do it.” – KeepYourClawsOut

“Spitting. Not sure how common it is, but I reallllllly don’t like it. Its one thing to use spit for a blow job or extra lube or fingers, but to full out hawk a loogie on someones body parts…hell no.” – pepsiicat

“I dislike being enthusiastically fingered. A curious finger sure.. but no on the multi digging for China variation. Just no.” – KnowOneHere

“Anything with my nipples. I have zero feeling in them. If a guy is into it though, he can go to town. I don’t mind.” – catalinaforever

“Getting my balls sucked. It just hurts.” – bransby26

“Calling me daddy, I hate that shit, it’s weird.” – Fuckoff555 

“Handjobs. No one can stroke my dick like I can, and if your hands are cold, I’m going to lose my erection instantly. So, instead lets just do something I can’t do to myself whenever I feel like it.” – DarleneWilhoit

“G-spot stimulation. I’m like 90% sure I don’t have an accessible g-spot. Go deeper / jackhammer your fingers or just stick to the clit, but the shallow come hither thing does nothing for me and never has.” – kasuchans

“Dirty talk. It’s not that it is a turn-off but we, as a couple just start giggling or get stage fright. We looked at examples and started laughing just trying to say those things. It just nothing for us. Hate it in porn too. It just seems so forced and un-natural.” – solidad

“As a woman, face sitting. I dream of the day I will feel confident enough to want to do it, because right now, all I can self-consciously think about when I sit there is how I look. I get zero enjoyment out of it because I can’t relax, and my head is full of insecure worries the entire time. I’d rather just lie on my back and have him lick me.” – doggos_for_days

“Kissing with tongue, a lot of the time. I can enjoy it if I’m, like, next level turned on from something else, but a lot of the time I’m just like take this weird slimy thing out of my mouth please and thanks.” – ultrahedgehog

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