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Saliromanie (Salirophilie) – The Lust for dirt

Saliromanie or better Salirophilie derives from the French word for „beschmutzen“ from. Salirophiler referred to a people, the sexual arousal at the Spot of other people, self or objects felt. Among the substances with which such people daub, mud, food, semen, blood, urine, or feces.

Table of contents

  • Risks koprophiler practices
  • Risks urophiler practices


In this Form of Salirophilie is a predilection for excrement, urine or feces, which are referred to in the scene jargon as pee or caviar. Urophile be sexually aroused if you are on other urinate, and urinating or other Urination watch. Koprophile smear themselves with faeces, with faeces smearing, or soiling of sexual practices used items with the chair. Also, the Drinking of urine for sexual arousal (Uropotie), as well as the eating faeces (coprophagy) belong to the Exkrementophilie.

Medically it is a rarely encountered Paraphilia, a sexual disorder, which often overlaps with other Paraphilias, such as sexual fetishism. Since the boundaries between a sexual disorder and the broad spectrum of sexual variations are fluent, are Doctors and Doctors, in the meantime, be very careful to diagnose in such practices is automatically a disorder.

Sadism and masochism

The Marquis de Sade, from whom the term sadism is derived (although he was not a Sadist), described in “The 120 days of Sodom” in detail, the eating of feces and the discharge of feces for sexual excitement.

To force other people to feces eating is a Form of humiliation and torture in prisons or in the military spread. Among prisoners and soldiers, this is (like other forms of humiliation) to mark hierarchies.

In the SM scene, such actions are carried out in mutual agreement. Psychologically it is a Form of fetishism, in the faeces for a part of the partner.

In the case of sado-masochistic practices, which are associated with the urine or feces, it is not a sexual arousal by the substances, but

  • Humiliation, inferiority, and helplessness in connection with excrement,
  • Punishment,
  • to reduce the Partner to an object (to the toilet),
  • Reward, by the Inferior from the control receives Partner something out of the body as a gift.

Forms of scat-play, huh

Koprophile feel, for example, be aroused when others watch during defecation (koprophiler voyeurism), if you see feces, touch him, or to smear. A variant consists in the stool and to enjoy at the end of the loss of control, either alone or with partners.

Risks koprophiler practices

There is a risk especially in the case of coprophagy. In feces with high concentrations of bacteria and fungi are. People who have a weak immune system, can become infected easily with diseases.

Risks urophiler practices

Fresh urine of healthy people, poses little risk to health. The in this the urine contained bacteria in General, no diseases. There is a danger, however, in the case of stored urine, which was exposed to the air. This is settled very quickly and massively of germs. Who drinks the urine of sick people, is a high risk to become ill themselves.

The risk of getting infected with HIV, is only given if the blood plays in the sexual actions a role. Although the Virus is in the blood, saliva, tears and sweat, the amount is not so low that it is sufficient for an infection.

It is different in the case of infection with Hepatitis A. Here is a special risk to become infected by the consumption of the urine of a Stranger. A bladder infection is, it is Drinking urine likely to become ill themselves.

In short: The urine of a sick person and a person that takes medication on a regular basis, you should not consume. In case of doubt, talk with your physician/your doctor or a urologist to a Urologist.

How often Saliromanie is?

In medicine this tendency is considered to be rare. There are exact Figures and estimates are missing, however, can hardly meet, because Sex is discussed in connection with substances that are commonly perceived as “disgusting”, still nothing.

Pornography with Urination or defecation has to Play a special market, where it is hardly valid Numbers are about how many people consume these films.

Scat-play, huh, and other sexual practices

Exkrementophilie can be associated with other sexual practices, and some people may enjoy it, for example, if the Partner is watching you Kotlassen, but want to experience this in no way Vice versa.

Suffering pressure?

With advanced diagnoses of sexual disorders, the suffering of the Affected (and a danger to other people) is the focus, but not whether the practices that occur in the mutual consent, apply to the society as offensive. Exkrementophilie may be Concerned with suffering. Many don’t want to be deratiges things excited, because you refuse to accept this intellectually, however, can not Express their excitement and suffer increasingly including.

Possible causes for scat-play, huh

An explanation for the sexual fixation on feces is a compulsive education to the “cleanliness” of the infant through the most important reference persons, especially the mothers. The child not only rejects this prohibition, but the Forbidden is anchored in the Unconscious as an object of Fascination. Affected are especially children, in which not only the faeces was taboo, but also all other forms of “Dirt”, such as for example mud, and were punished if they have done as an infant with their feces and Play in puddles “dirty”.

The cultural theorist, writer, and doctor of philosophy, Klaus Theweleit realized, in the men’s fantasies in fascist men, who were punished in their Childhood hard, if you are dealing with your body in a negative masked obsession of everything that had to do with slime, porridge, and feces.

When is Salirophilie as pathological?

The bourgeoisie, as to times of Sigmund Freud regarded all forms of sexuality that were not in line with the sexual intercourse, as “abnormal”, “sick” or “perverted”. This prudery and double standards (the Bourgeois were the main customers in the brothels) did not distinguish between the “healthy” spectrum of sexual diversity (i.e., a realization of their own sexuality, which is important for the development of the respective human right and important) and sexual imprints that are connected to the Affected with a strong pressure and/or Live for other people is a threat.

So sexual preferences and acts such as homosexuality, Masturbation, or the exchange of sexual partners, which must be accepted by a humane society, of course, were equated with practices such as rape or pederasty, the other people serious and life long damage.

Today’s sexual medicine looks at Salirophilie as a sexual disorder, but not necessarily as pathological. As morbid and as for the therapy, it is only when the fetish (here, the smearing substances) sexual partners in displaced relationship completely, is looking for character accepts, the Affected without the fetish no satisfaction and, especially, if the Salirophilie triggers a pressure.

Error or variant?

A sexual variant means: “Unusual” sexual behavior, with all the parties Involved are, first, agree, and secondly, mentally Mature by this agreement. In addition, the Affected of sexual arousal should be able to experience without a corresponding stimulus and is not addictive behavior. It is not in such cases to a fault.

Mild forms of Salirophilie in this sense are widely used: they range from the “dirty talk”, in which the Affected aroused by “dirty words”, up to the desire of teenagers to the Experiment or to have fun once “like animals” in the Nude outdoors in the mud. Often it is simply a matter of sexually to try out.

Such mild forms of the Salirophilie are also common in societies in which sexuality in General as a “dirty” gilkt, for example, in a strictly Catholic. A suppression of sexuality has also severe sexual dysfunction, and sexual abuse practices, such as the sex crimes of Catholic priests against children documents. In such a sex-hostile and bigoted societies, there is often the Desire for Rebellion, Lust for the forbidden, limited, as a rule violation or the breaking of a taboo – lives in Promiskutivität, sexual role play, or to externally-worn fetishism. Here are the Saliromanie can be a part of the Rebellion. In short: teenagers, which suggests, your sexuality is something “Dirty said” want to try what it’s like to be a “dirty bitch”. This also can include RUB, with a tomato sauce, Baby food or mush. What is the Puritan authority to rule now as “sick” or “of the devil” denounce obsessed, has to do with a disturbance in the sense of sexual medicine, however, even begin to. (Dr. Utz Anhalt)