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So women feel five years after an abortion

How to feel women after an abortion? In the USA, a study in the journal “Social Science &amp is; Medicine” appeared. The result: Five years after a termination of pregnancy the majority of women rated the intervention as a right decision. The study is important, because opponents of abortion cite again and again the alleged negative psychological consequences as an Argument.

The Team of the Doctor Corinne Rocca, under data, the so-called turn was looking away study, a long-term study of nearly 1000 women from 21 US States on the topic of unwanted pregnancy. The analysis initially consisted of 667 women with an average age of 25 years, which at the beginning of the study, an abortion. The women were interviewed a week after the procedure, as well as eleven more times every six months. 37.5% participated until the end of the study after five years.

Abortion – for 95 percent of the remaining participants, it was the right decision

The women reported that in the course of time both the negative as well as positive feelings to the termination of pregnancy disappeared. After five years, 84 percent of the remaining participants said that they had either positive emotions or no more. 95 percent, referred to the abortion as the right decision.

Pregnancy Termination

Five women tell of their experiences before and after an abortion

For Anette Kersting, Director of the clinic and polyclinic for Psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy at the University hospital of Leipzig, especially the data from the study interesting: “studies like this one with 30 institutions, such a high number of cases and a period of five years, can rarely be carried out.” However, it should also be keep an eye on that of the women asked had only attended 37.5 per cent until the end of the study, so that the question of representativeness must be made. “But that’s in all of the studies related to the topic,” emphasizes Kersting. Overall, the results were nevertheless, in their tendency to important.

These also show that 27 per cent of the 667 respondents women the decision to have an abortion either difficult or very difficult, 31 percent feared a stigma in your environment, should be the termination of the pregnancy is known. Those groups have felt in the time after the procedure, more often sad, guilty or angry. But already in the first year, after that these emotions were all over the most clearly and the feeling of relief prevailed.

Negative emotions can

“Not the abortion itself leads to stress, cannot cope with the women,” said Kersting. Crucial personal factors and the social environment are rather. So, for instance, people who suffered from trauma, or no reliable social safety net would be prepared, often less good, to make such a serious decision, whether Kersting said, adding: “half of The respondents stated that it is difficult to decide for the termination – which is also normal and understandable.” The Fading out of negative emotions within one year of the show, however, that most of the women do so.

Blogger Nike Jane about abortion

"The killers-Stigma resonates always mit"

Similar to psychologist Julia Steinberg of the University of Maryland, in an accompanying commentary expresses A serious decision could not be equated with a wrong. For Steinberg, the study is also important, since the adoption of the negative psychological consequences also showed in the provisions for a termination of pregnancy. Depending on the state, certain to be followed, this includes in the US, waiting times, and two consulting appointments.

Steinberg writes of the burdens for women as well as Stress that would not otherwise arise at all: “as a self-fulfilling prophecy is known. The psychological effects would not even exist, would have an external source (and external information are not conveyed by law), that women expected a negative psychological impact, decision-making difficulties or the wrong decision.”

In fact, a political debate raging around the issue of abortion in this country for quite some time, as least at the beginning of 2019 showed, as the Grand coalition must be informed to the Reform of section 219a of the criminal code rank that governs how about abortions. In a compromise, the Union and the SPD agreed that Doctors and hospitals must in future tell otherwise than so far on your Website that you perform abortions. In the Wake of this compromise, the Federal Ministry of health also announced a study.

The tender was launched in September and is still ongoing, as the Ministry announced. Specifically, it is the promotion of “research project on psycho-social Situation and support needs of women with unwanted pregnancy”. The aim is to gain insight and knowledge to expand. The projects are expected to begin in the first half of 2020, the period is three years.

Unnecessary Study?

The research project has been referred to by some scientists in the run-up as unnecessary. Because, even before the new study-and other studies from the USA, Denmark and Germany showed that neither the mental health of women have an abortion still suffer, there is a increased risk for depression. The more important is it that the Federal Ministry of health planned study will focus on the situation in Germany, says Kersting. And this was planned after the political discussion.

The results from the United States is made clear that six percent of the women had even five years after the procedure negative emotions: “The pressing question of how we this group from the beginning, the better you can recognize.” Even now it is regardless of the importance of a neutral and open-ended advice.

In Germany, the number of abortions remained the same in the past three years, almost the same. So, it was the Federal Statistical office according to which in 2017 and 2018, at about 101.000, as well as in the first three quarters of 2019, for good of 76,000.

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