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Supply: Waiting for the psychotherapy

About a year ago, psychotherapy-the Reform came into force. You should be patient to have a faster Start of treatment ermöaligned. This is not the case

Many psychotherapists there are long waiting lists

Who needs psychotherapy must &shy average of 20;­Weeks of waiting. But people who, for example, a Angststöor suffering from Depression ben&ouml, ;transparent zügiger help. "The disease is diagnosed, it should beginnen&quot the therapy after four weeks;, Dr. Dietrich Munz, Pr&auml says;President of the Bundespsycho­therapists chamber (BPtK).

The waiting times für psychotherapy-Plätze are to long, has also been recognised by the legislator. Among other things, therefore, the psychotherapy has been reformed policy. You regulates be treated, how and to what extent mentally Ill. To April 2017 ­the changes came into force. Künewly the BPtK has a study among more than 9,000 of its members veröpublished, in the year after the Verächanges in the balance sheet draws. The results have not been positive.

Study: the core of the problem is not fixed

The main points of the Reform, the psychotherapeutic consultation, a type of Acute therapy, as well as Ma&szlig were;­to Rückfäto prevent lle. In the new eingefüinability to consultation, it is determined whether the Patient is mentally ill or whether he has a ­­"quasi-normal response to a particular strain zeigt", erklärt Munz. At this appointment patients are now waiting almost six weeks. "A significant improvement in." Before, it took, according to the BPtK in section zwölfeinhalb ­Weeks until a Patient got a therapist to face. The Akut­treatment is aimed at people, which quickly and selectively mental help benötransparent, and takes about zwölf hours. In addition, you can also visit after completion of therapy, and his therapist, if it nötig is. This Maßtaking R&uuml to;ckfäll prevent.

The core problem is not fixed: people wait several months müshot, until you have a herköconventional therapy start köcan. Quite the contrary: The Situation has worsened since the Reform even further.

Access to the therapy.

You möwant to make a psychotherapy, but do not know which steps you müshot?
On the website of the Federal chamber of psychotherapists ( you will find the Broschüre "Ways to Psychotherapie" for Download. In it there is information üabout the various offers of help, and how to use them.

Insurance companies refuse to öfter payment

Gehörte it before gäan independent practice that the insurance companies approve treatments with therapists, without Fund approval, and pay walls you now, although in the Sozial­the law book stands, that the funds to Finance alternative offers müshit, if your members no matching therapists offer köcan. Now, insurance companies always refuse to back the payments – with regard to the psycho-therapeutic clinic and on the Möof urgency, üabout service make an appointment to köcan.

A survey of German psychotherapists Association (DPtV) 422 members revealed that before the Reform, average of two Anträge per month have been approved since April of last year, there are monthly 0,6 Anträge. 63 percent of the surveyed therapists report that the funds Anträge the reference to the date of service reject. 47 percent said that the funds wüauthorities no longer claim the reimbursement of costs there since April of 2017. This does not correspond to the legal situation.

Health insurance criticize part-time work of many therapists

The health insurance companies play the Ball zurück to the psychotherapist. The waiting times wüauthorities also because therapists h&auml arise;often in part-time work. "Für cash patients stünde is a much höhere the number of hours of psychotherapy to Verfüthe settlement, if the cash-in-seats to the full extent used würden", about Claudia Widmaier, a spokesman for the Shi head Association, says.

BPtK-PräPresident of Munz countered: "The funds to limit the cost." If more or less of psychotherapists providing the required hours a week, äother costs nothing. Moreover, more and more therapists share a practice seat. According to the BPtK-survey verfügten 2010, 92 percent üabout a whole seat, by the end of 2016, with around 60 per cent.

Mental diseases basic für many days of absence

"I can’t nachvollziehen&quot the behavior of the health insurance;, the Gr&uuml says;nen-politician Maria Klein-Schmeink. She already has several ­­Requests to issue to the Bundes­government. Because the gesamt­­social costs resulting from mental illness, are high. According to the calculations of the BPtK, the funds give für sickness benefit because of mental problems average of 2.9 billion euros.

Data of the Barmer to show that psychic diseases of the zweithämost common reason für long-term Arbeitsunfäability. For comparison: The expenditure für psychotherapy was, according to the GKV-spitzenverband in 2015 to around two billion euros. So you are below those für the sickness benefit because of mental disorders.

Therapists chamber calls for more cash seats

Also in a report of the Sachverständigenrats on the assessment of developments in the health sector, the authors recommend the Wartezei­­ten to a therapy place to verküshorten. This is a Möfor urgency, the cost für to reduce sick pay. "Psychological diseases become chronic, and confiscate increasingly, if not properly treated. This köcan in addition to the Beeinträauthorization füthe Single significant result f&uuml cost;r the health care system entstehen", Professor Wolfgang Greiner, member of the Council and co-author of the report says.
The therapist chamber has already 7000 zusäadditional seats required. How many seats in Germany benöbe taken, the so-called Federal Joint Committee (G-BA). On this basis, the Kassen&auml awarded;medical associations of the Läof new Fund approvals.

Controversial Planning

The current Version of this planning does not, however, how many Plätze really benöbe taken. According to the opinion of the Sachverständigenrats be, for example, maßsignificant social developments of the last few years have not berütaken into account. About that more people get help if they have mental problems. "We need a scientifically derived and valid Form of Bedarfsplanung", emphasizes a politician, Klein-Schmeink.

Already at the beginning of 2017 hätte should be available to the legislature, the updated MRP. This has not happened until today. A report given by the G-BA as a basis for planning in order, according to Professor Josef Hecken, Chairman of the G-BA, "The end of the 2. Quarter 2018" be created. Hedges: "The current schedule envisages that the necessary adjustments to the planning of 2019 will enter into force köcan." Für patients heißt: first of all, continue to wait.