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This Is Exactly What Your Bed Time Says About Your Sex Life

You’ve probs heard the old cliché, ‘early to bed, early to rise, makes a woman healthy, wealthy and wise.’ But a new study has found that there’s one major benefit to staying up late:

No strings attached sex. 

Researchers from Pennsylvania State University asked 554 young adults a series of questions on three elements of socio-sexuality (aka, uncommitted sex.)

1.) Their attitude towards sex without love.

2) Their interest in engaging in it. And,

3.) Their tendency to fantasise about it.

Ultimately, the study found that night owls of both genders were much more likely to be open towards casual sex in comparison to morning people. Not only that, they were more likely to fantasise about getting down and dirty with strangers too.

“Eveningness for both men and women is associated with a more unrestricted sociosexuality, which may stem from a broader suite of personality traits such as impulsivity or openness to experience,” explained the study’s lead author. Dr Robert Matchock. “Increases in sociosexuality may be subsumed into these traits as a lower level trait or a consequence of these behavioural traits.”

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