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This Is The Most Popular Way To Meet A Partner

If you’re trying to swipe your way to a significant other, think again.

Recent research has found that only eight percent of people said they hooked up with their partner through online dating or a dating app.

When asked about biggest drawbacks of the apps, 30 percent of respondents said that people on the platforms were “not serious” and 21 percent said “more lies”.

The survey of 501 singles and 551 people in a relationship discovered that the most common way to meet a match was through mutual friends, with 39 percent of respondents finding their bae this way.

Meeting at work was next on the list with 15 percent of people admitting to an office romance. This was followed by 12 percent of people meeting in a bar or public area, nine percent through their hobbies and seven percent through their family.

So if you haven’t hit up your nearest and dearest for potential partners, there’s no better time than the present.

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