Personal Health

Toffer weighed 250 pounds and was peeing blood then he rolled up his life completely

“I slept for years in a broken bed, from which the substance abplatzte. My pillow was yellowed. I sat at the computer playing on a wooden chair, whose legs had pushed through the carpet into the concrete. On the chair I do not put Blankets, so that my butt was hurting after a few hours at the computer,” recalls Toffer to the life he led at the end of 2014. He was at the time unemployed, and ate every day a package of toast bread with discounters sausage. He weighed 248,5 kg.

The Studio apartment in Aachen, in the Toffer at that time lived, was in a disastrous state, told the 33-Year-old. “I was so lazy that I threw in the trash next to me – the pile was sometime a year and a half metres high.” And inside him it didn’t look much better. “I didn’t care. I smoked two packs of cigarettes a day and showered sometimes for weeks. A consequence of this was that I was able to pull off even the skin under my Arm. Also my teeth, I cleaned up the house any more.” The tooth pain that he eventually got out he was sitting just. Social contacts, he didn’t want to just sit at the Computer and gamble.

“More money – that was my downfall”

Toffer, the name is actually Christopher, lived at this time in the day, played “World of Warcraft”, slept and ate. As he was once financially better, was the small money blessing as even bigger disaster. “That was my downfall,” says Toffer. He ate even more junk food and regularly went with friends to the pub to drink. He stuffed himself with sweets, ready meals and soft drinks fully. “I had to go two hours to the toilet, to the sugar to rinse.” Toffer had Diabetes and didn’t know it. “Of all the sugar, I got thirsty again and drank more Apple juice.” A Vicious Circle. He reached his maximum weight, could only wear wide tops and Jogging pants.

Then his grandpa died. Toffer not managed to walk the 400 meters from the Church to the grave without putting some time on a Bank. His lower legs and feet were so full of water that the skin is tight and every step hurts.

Toffers legs were filled to the brim with water. The scars on the skin are still to be seen.

“Eventually, the water did to me hurt, and only blood came out.” For a week he tried, the pain just unbearable. Then he called his father brought him to the emergency room. In the hospital the Doctors found a sugar level of 600 milligrams per deciliter, the normal value of a healthy person increases after eating about 140.

In the subsequent investigation of him, the doctor said that kidney failure is imminent and he is “not going to make it long,” if he can change his life completely. This forecast jolted something awake, Toffer was 28. In the night he lay alone in his hospital room. Without the distraction, which he repeated at the Computer, he came to Ponder. He didn’t want to die. He wanted to live and beautiful things to experience. Because he made a decision.

Sugar, white bread, alcohol and tobacco are taboo

In order to lose weight, went Toffer twice a week to the swimming pool. An internist, treated his Diabetes. He abstained from sugar and ate instead of a pack of toast bread, three slices of whole grain bread per day. Alcohol and tobacco were taboo. And suddenly the pounds come off. A success that gave to his whole life a boost.

With the success with weight loss professional and private changes, came. Christmas 2016 Toffer dared for the first Time, to go with his face online. He had already operated for a few months, a streaming channel, and now, where everyone could see, grew at once. Toffer was as a Gaming Streamer always known. This aroused his ambition and he developed his profile further, moderated Gaming Shows and won the people watching every day, what he drove so. In the meantime, Toffer under the Pseudonym Kimuh is one of the most successful “World of Warcraft”-streamers of Germany. In the case of the platform Twitch and 400 to 500 people to look to him daily. To maintains the many he personal contact. Toffer has a Community built around 2018, he was able to record a quarter of a million Users. Also his current girlfriend looked on his Stream so the two of them met.

For, of course, Toffer this success: “The people watching my Stream, because I try to be close to them. I’m always honest and so sincerely as I can.” The more viewers and subscriptions he has with Twitch, the more money he earns. “Bite never the Hand that feeds you, is my first rule. I’m the spectators grateful for your Loyalty and wants to give that gratitude back to you.“

Since 2018 Toffer is working in addition in the case of ROCCAT, a company based in Hamburg, the peripheral devices such as keyboards, mice and Headsets for gamers produced. This Job means a lot to him, because he prevents him from falling into his old pattern of falling back: “The work helps me to have a regular daily routine. I have to get up in the morning, go to work, and move me on a regular basis.” From the chaotic conditions at home, he has passed also. Order and cleanliness are in addition to regular body hygiene, of course, for him. “Now, my apartment is always tidy and everything is in its place. My girlfriend has taught me a lot. It is a very neat person.”

The belt Toffer was able to close above its weight reduction only in the first hole. The accessory he would like to repeal it, so that it reminded him of how much he has declined.

Next Step: Fitness Camp

“After 15 years, I would like to see again at the two, instead of three Numbers on the scale,” says Toffer. In order to reach this objective, the 1.90 meters tall man in the summer with a friend and colleague in a Fitness Camp. There, he will make under medical Supervision in sports, increase Fitness and cooking classes to attend. “Without movement, I can’t get more while losing weight and that is my next step,” he explains. How successful he will be able to follow his Fans on his Stream and on Twitter and Instagram.

Toffer arrived in Hamburg, in his Job, in his life. He plans a future with his girlfriend. His health is just as important to him as his success. He is happy. In retrospect, he says that he can make in his life things would have been different, at least in everything that concerns his health. But somehow I made it this time, too, to the one who he is today. “Everyone is the blacksmith of his fortune. You make yourself into what you want. If you’re working your ass off, you will be rewarded.”