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What September's Gemini Horoscope Means for You

Read what your sign's 2018 horoscope predictions have in store for you, or check out the Gemini personality profile.

Alright, Gemini, here’s the deal: Your planetary ruler, Mercury, hasn’t been on its best behavior lately. Even though it’s technically no longer retrograde, you’re likely still feeling the implications of its backward spin. The past few weeks have been defined by frustrating miscommunications and emotional meltdowns, and let’s be honest — you’re absolutely exhausted.

Thankfully, a new moon in Virgo on Sunday, September 9 serves up some much-needed respite. This lunation will encourage you to create energetic boundaries as it shifts your focus away from the haters and toward your foundation. Double-down on your domestic sensibilities, Gemini darling: Repaint your bedroom, invest in new furniture, or simply clean your bathroom. Changes to your environment will feel great and are guaranteed to fuel some much-needed revitalization. After all, it’s easy to feel scattered when your living environment is also in disarray.

You’ll enjoy a well-deserved energy boost.

Expansive Jupiter links up with transformative Pluto on Wednesday, September 12, creating an extremely auspicious (and very karmic) connection in the sky. But don’t be surprised if this alignment triggers major déjà vu: These planets connected twice already in 2018 (on January 15 and April 14). For you, these planets illuminate some seriously emotional sectors of your chart, so get ready for all the feels. But don’t worry, Gemini: this internal awareness will actually feel extremely restorative. If you’ve been holding on to toxic relationships or destructive patterns, you’ll finally be ready to release your grip. The past is only linked to the future through the present, and under this sky, you’ll be inspired to celebrate the present.

After a few weeks of hibernation, you’ll resume your social butterfly lifestyle on Saturday, September 22, when the sun moves into Libra, a like-minded air sign. Libra’s energy activates the area of your chart linked to creativity, performance, and — perhaps most importantly — fun. Under this sky, you’ll enjoy a well-deserved energy boost, inspiring you to schmooze up a storm. And since you’re one of the most charming signs of the zodiac, don’t be surprised if all that networking also attracts some exciting romance. You’ll love exploring your curiosities, especially those between the sheets.

Finally, the month concludes with a full moon in Aries on Monday, September 24. This lunation lights up the area of your chart connected to extended community, which will help you reach an even broader audience. During this lunation, consider expanding your scope. Ask yourself, how can social media help you connect with peers who reflect your values? While it's true that the Internet is more than just selfies, a few shameless pictures also never hurt anyone. Strut your stuff with Natasha Denona Lila Eye Shadow Palette, a gorgeous eye shadow palette featuring 15 dynamic shades that will be sure to generate buzz.

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