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5 Reasons Why Boo Boo Would Make the Best BFF

Sure, all pets could make a good BFF, but Boo Boo would make the BEST BFF! This sweet girl has been with our Los Angeles foster program for quite some time now, and she’s more ready than ever to find a doting adopter to love her the way she deserves to be loved. So, if you’re in the market for a fluffy feline bestie, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are five reasons why Boo Boo would make the best BFF! 

1. Like any good best friend, Boo Boo will always make sure you’re getting your work done before playtime. Her foster tells us, “She has become quite the shoulder-cat and has even earned the title of ‘My Supervisor’ by my work colleagues thanks to how often she joins a zoom with me.” We love a supportive bestie! 

2. With Boo Boo around, you’ll never need an alarm clock. Boo Boo wakes her foster up every morning with a gentle head-butt—her favorite form of affection. “And she’ll sleep on me if I don’t get up,” her foster adds. Best friends who wake up together, stay together, that’s what we always say! 

3. Boo Boo is always down for a gossip session or to lend an ear to a friend in need. She’s talkative with just about everyone she meets. She has the sweetest chirping meow and is happy to let you know which celebrity couples she thinks will make it. And she’s almost always right!

4. She loves showing off her playful side. Boo Boo loves playing with string toys, kitty fishing rods and feather wand toys. Everyone needs a BFF willing to indulge in their childish side every once in a while! 

5. Boo Boo is full of love and wears her heart on her sleeve. To end her day, Boo Boo enjoys cuddling up with her people and will even seek you out when it’s time for bed. Whether she’s on your pillow or by your feet, Boo Boo is sure to keep you company through the night. She is a wonderful companion for someone looking for a low-maintenance, affectionate cat. 

If these five reasons haven’t convinced you, we don’t know what will! But if Boo Boo has won a piece of your heart—and we’re sure she has—head over to her profile to complete an application. 

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