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Can Charli Come Chill with You?

If there’s one thing to know about Charli, it’s that she loves people with all her heart! She’s also a big fan of meditation music, soft snuggles and will be your #1 fan while you sing along to all your favorite jams. When spending time with Charli here at the Adoption Center, our staff noted that, “she will give you all the kisses she can, and if you tell her you need a break, she will turn on her belly and let you pet her with such a peaceful-calm energy.”

Charli is learning to tolerate her fellow dog friends and would benefit from a family with experience with dogs like her. She would also benefit from obedience training, as well as learning cues such as eye contact and responding to her name. Overall, she just needs a helping hand to blossom into the mature, sweet dog that she is meant to be! But our behavior team would be happy to discuss all of this with you!

Since Charli is best fit for a home outside of New York City, please reach out if you’re in the suburbs or surrounding areas and have the room for this loving gal—bonus points if you have a fenced in yard!

Children might be new for Charli, but our staff is happy to help you explore if Charli is the match you’re looking for. They can also give you tips to help set Charli up for housetraining success. Charli prefers to be the queen of the castle and only dog—she’s a star who knows she deserves all the attention!  

If you’re in the tri-state area and want to give this deserving girl a loving home, check out her profile to complete an application!

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