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Do You Have a Little Room for Little Dude?

Say hello to our little friend, Little Dude! This L.A. boy is a gentle giant and a perfect gentleman. He is very sweet, affectionate and respects your space. Like the sweet man he is, Little Dude is friendly with everyone once he gets to know them, even new people who come to his foster home. He loves to get attention, pets and will want to rub up on you and sit on your lap.

Little Dude is curious and loves to check out any shopping bags you bring home. He’ll inspect everything but doesn’t make a mess—did we mention he’s a gentleman? Little Dude also likes to play throughout the day but spends most of his time just hanging out near you. His favorite toy is a little ball that moves when he touches it. 

Little Dude has been around other cats in his previous foster homes and may do well in an adoptive home with another cat as long as they were introduced slowly. He would also be perfectly happy being king of the castle and soaking up all of your attention as the only pet in the home!

Little Dude would thrive in a calm and stable environment where he can receive lots of love and affection, and always be included in any family moments!

If you want to make Little Dude a part of your family, check out his profile to complete an application!

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