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Hooray for Horses—500 Reasons to Celebrate!

The ASPCA Equine Transition and Adoption Center (ETAC) in Oklahoma just celebrated a HUGE milestone: we have helped 500 horses since the program’s inception in 2019! A sweet Miniature gelding named Charlie Brown was lucky horse number 500.

This called for a party! Alongside our partners from Nexus Equine and Exclusively Equine Veterinary Services, ASPCA staff celebrated Charlie Brown and the hundreds of horses who came before him. Charlie Brown, dubbed “Mr. 500,” joined the festivities and dressed for the occasion. In his dapper hairdo and silver scarf, he was gifted a saddle pad emblazoned with his lucky number. No party is complete without cake, and Charlie Brown’s was gone in a flash. 

Mr. 500

Like many equines served by ETAC, Charlie Brown was adored in his previous home but factors beyond his family’s control made it impossible for them to continue providing the care he needed. They turned to ETAC for help rehoming him. 

Charlie was given a warm welcome, veterinary care and a comfortable stall of his own. To get to know Charlie and set him up for success, ASPCA behavior specialists assessed his previous training and other aspects of his personality to help match him with his future family. They gave him a profile on My Right Horse to let potential adopters know that this charming little horse was looking for a home—and it didn’t take long! Charlie Brown’s adopter had previously adopted another horse from ETAC, and was so happy with her experience that she will soon welcome Charlie into her growing family!

If you are interested in adopting a pony like Charlie Brown or wish to browse hundreds of other adoptable horses from around the country, please visit

About the Equine Transition and Adoption Center

The Equine Transition and Adoption Center was established to expand resources and rehoming services for equine owners (first in Texas, and now in Oklahoma). The concept started as a series of pop-up events that offered subsidized veterinary care, guidance and compassionate euthanasia to prevent suffering—services that aren’t widely available for equines in need. It expanded to include adoption services and training in late 2021. In just four years, the program has helped 500 equines, including Miniature Horses like Charlie Brown, donkeys, Thoroughbreds and more. The program is developing tactics related to adoption and training that will be shared back with the larger equine sheltering community, amplifying the number of equines who will benefit.

In addition to helping horses in transition find new homes, we understand that providing services like subsidized veterinary care to horse owners can allow them to overcome temporary challenges and keep their companions. ETAC helped nearly half of the horses we served stay in their original homes. 

Rescuing horses takes a village, and this is just the beginning! The continued collaboration of donors, rescue organizations, industry partners, equine experts and adopters makes this work possible, and we’ll be celebrating another milestone in no time. Learn more about the Equine Transition and Adoption Center and ways you can get involved. 

The ASPCA is dedicating grant funding to qualifying organizations that are establishing similar programs and support centers. For more information and to apply for funding, please email [email protected].

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