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These Bonded Bros Love to Snuggle and Play!

Looking for a pair of playful and curious brothers to join your family in the Los Angeles area? This adventurous duo may be perfect for you! Rocky and Bullwinkle are here to save the day!

Rocky is a handsome guy with a sweet personality. His dark tabby markings on his forehead make him look like he has a fancy pompadour hairdo, and his loud purrs will put you under his spell in no time.

Rocky does take some time to warm up to new people and places, but once he gets to know you, he’ll greet you with his purr-motor and weave gingerly between your legs, asking for pets. He especially enjoys a quick petting session before mealtime. Rocky loves to climb up on furniture and his favorite toys are mice and feather wands. When in a different room, he will push his mouse toy under the door and wait for you to launch it back to him.

Bullwinkle is a handsome guy with a cute pink nose and beautiful green eyes. He is a sensitive and reserved kitty and takes his time getting to know new people. He enjoys surveying the room from the top of the cat tower where he feels most comfortable. Bullwinkle is also very curious and playful, so providing tasty treats and fun toys are great ways to help build his trust and settle into a new home. He loves frequent play sessions with feather wand toys and will often drag the toy around in his mouth once he’s finally caught it!

Bullwinkle especially loves to play and snuggle with his brother, Rocky. They do everything together like two peas-in-a-pod! Bullwinkle relies on Rocky to help him feel more confident, and they would do best adopted together in a quiet home with a patient adopter.

Potential adopters should know that Rocky and Bullwinkle both experience signs of a chronic upper respiratory infection (similar to a common cold in humans). They often have mild eye discharge and require occasional eye medication. Our Adoption Team would be happy to provide more information about their medical history.

Rocky and Bullwinkle are a fun and adorable pair of kitties and would love to continue their hijinks in a Los Angeles home where they can grow and thrive together! If these two sound like a wonderful addition to your family, please visit either of their profiles to complete an application!

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